10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 1

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History

Death is cruel and some times unpredictable, it can come anytime to anyone. No matter how someone died, it’s always tragic for their friends and family members. While death is the least funny thing on earth, there are more than a few unusual death that came to some unfortunate people. These are the 10 most unusual death in history.

Most Unusual Deaths In History

1. Charondas:

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 2
Charondas died between the late 7th to early 5th century BC. The celebrated Greek lawgiver was from Catania in Sicily. Charondas’s laws were originally written in verse and they were adopted by the other Chalcidic colonies in Sicily and Italy. According to Diodorus Siculus, Charondas announced a law, that said, if anyone brought weapons into the Assembly, that person will be put to death. But ironically, one-day Charondas himself arrived at the Assembly with a knife. He forgot the knife was still attached to his belt after coming from hunting. He committed suicide to uphold his own law.

2. Aeschylus:

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 3
Aeschylus was the eldest of the three great Athenian tragedians known as the father of tragedy. His works include expanding the number of characters in the theatre, while characters previously had interacted only with the chorus. Aeschylus died when an eagle dropped a tortoise on his bald head mistaken it for a rock. Eagles feed on tortoises by dropping them on hard objects so it would shatter the shell of the reptile. Allegedly, Aeschylus was staying outdoors to avoid a prophecy that he would be killed by a falling object.

3. Mel Ignatow:

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 4
Mel Ignatow was a murderer who was tried and convicted brutally murdering Brenda Sue Schafer by beating her to death while he bound her to a GLASS coffee table, bludgeoning her body until it was lifeless on that glass coffee table, in 1988. He was arrested based on evidential photos that showed the woman being brutalized by an unidentified male whose moles matched to Ignatow’s. Somehow, Ignatow got away with only ten years, but some years later he tripped and fell in his apartment by accident onto a glass coffee table and glass cut and maimed him so badly, that the authorities could not do anything.

4. Clement Vallandigham:

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 5
Lawyer Clement Vallandigham represented a man who was charged with killing someone during a bar fight. In order to convince the jury that the dead man had shot himself while drawing his weapon from his pocket, Vallandigham recreated the scene in front of the jury, literally. Vallandigham actually shot himself whilst drawing his pistol and died but he did manage to clear the name of his client.

5. Myra Jones:

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 6

Myra Jones or Myra Davis served as a substitute for Janet Leigh who was killed in the famous shower scene in the movie Psycho. Unfortunately, in 1988, Myra Davis was raped and killed by a man who was so obsessed with Psycho’s famous shower scene and wanted to recreate it on the body double. But in real Davis never appeared in the shower scene, instead, it was another actress, Marli Renfro.

6. Michael Anderson Godwin:

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 7
Michael Anderson Godwin was a convicted murderer was sentenced to death via the electric chair in 1989 but got lucky when his sentence was lowered to a life sentence. But ironically, as the man tried to fix his pair of headphones by biting down on a wire whilst on his metal toilet, he got electrocuted and the voltage killed him.

7. Draco of Athens:

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 8
Draco was loved by the Athenian citizens as he was the first democratic legislator, requested by them to be a lawgiver for the city-state. The Athenian lawmaker was the first recorded legislator in Ancient Greece. Reportedly, In Ancient Greece, it was a tradition to toss your hats, coats, and cloaks onto the person who was speaking in order to show your appreciation. As Draco was quite popular he was showered upon by the appreciative citizens with gifts of cloaks and hats at a theatre on Aegina in c. 620 BC. But the gifts turned out to be too much as Draco of Athens died suffocating.

8. Pietro Aretino:

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 9
Italian author, playwright, poet, and libertine Pietro Aretino had a great influence on contemporary art and politics. Pietro Aretino died while in Venice on 21 October 1556, from laughing too much at an obscene joke during a meal. It is also said that he fell from a chair fracturing his skull for too much laughter.

9. Hans Steininger:

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 10
Hans Steininger was the Mayor of Braunau, Austria, then Bavaria. He died in 1567 A.D. when his neck broke by tripping over his own 4.5 feet beard that was usually rolled up in a leather pouch. The accident occurred when he tried to escape the fire at the town hall where he used to sleep.

10. Rebecca Burger:

10 Most Unusual Deaths In History 11
Rebecca Burger was a successful fitness blogger and model. But in 2017, in an unfortunate incident, the 33-year-old fitness blogger passed away after suffering from a cardiac arrest. The cause was a pressurized canister of whipped cream that exploded and struck her in the chest.

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