10 Most Secure Places In The World

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10 Most Secure Places In The World

These places are not only among the most secure places but also among some of the most mysterious places on earth. From conspiracy theories about aliens to setting up a fail-safe in case of a global emergency, these places are really hard to get to unless you’ve connections or you’re permitted. Places that protects valuable assets like the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or the residents of powerful bodies like the White House are always highly protected. Places like the RAF Menwith Hill Base in the UK or the NSA Headquarters in Maryland are highly protected places run by government agencies. Other than these places, here are the 10 Most Secure Places In The World:

1. Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado Springs, USA:

10 Most Secure Places In The World 1
The Cheyenne Mountain Complex located under 2,000 feet of granite in Colorado Springs in the United States is one of the most secure places on earth. The nuclear-blast-proof facility is home to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the United States Space Command missions. The complex has its own self-contained power plant, water supply, heating system, hospital and more. This high-altitude facility certified by the Department of Defense to withstand an Electromagnetic Pulse. The complex also has 25-ton blast doors that have the ability to withstand a nuclear attack.

2. Vatican Secret Archive, Rome, Italy:

10 Most Secure Places In The World 2
Built more than 400 years ago, the Vatican is home to some of the most sacred, oldest and important religious documents and records in history. The records include many ledgers of history such as a transcript of Galileo’s trial, the papal bull that excommunicated Martin Luther and letters from Michaelangelo. In this mysterious place, all the documents dated after 1939 in the library are completely off-limits to public viewing and it is estimated that there is 35,000 volumes of information on the Roman Catholic Church kept in a secret building.

3. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Svalbard, Norway:

10 Most Secure Places In The World 3
Built-in the depths of the Arctic Circle, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault opened in 2008 on the island of Spitzbergen. The doomsday vault was built to store backup copies of seeds held in other seed banks. The places house 250 million seed samples. Located 390 feet inside a permafrosted mountain, it’s a perfect place for storing seeds as there is no seismic activity and it is high above sea level. The vault is built to stay below freezing for at least 200 years with the seeds stored in air-tight aluminium bags.

4. Area 51, Nevada, USA:

10 Most Secure Places In The World 4
Established in 1955, the original purpose of this place was to testify the spy planes. You can’t enter this place from the ground or air. It fact no flight can be performed above this area. It is arguably one of the most famous mysterious places on earth, often subject to many conspiracy theories, the most famous one being related to aliens. This highly classified military facility with a top-secret nature is one of the most secure places on earth. But there is another place in the US similar to Area 51, the Dulce Base in New Mexico. Also a subject to many conspiracy theories.

5. The Granite Mountain Records Vault, Utah, USA:

10 Most Secure Places In The World 5
Deep under Granite Rock, the Mountain Records Vault was built by the Mormons now owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This place is said to be even resistant from a nuclear explosion and only accessible by the highest members of their church. The building protects the largest archive of genealogical records and historical information including around 3 billion pages of family history. The atmosphere there is climate controlled to secure the documents.

6. ADX Florence Prison, Colorado, USA:

10 Most Secure Places In The World 6
The ADX Florence Prison in Colorado has the reputation of being the toughest prison in the USA. It houses the worst prisoners in the country and has the nickname “Alcatraz of the Rockies”. This highly protected prison has cells, bunk beds and sinks all made out of stone and it’s secure with laser traps and other modern equipment.

7. United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA:

10 Most Secure Places In The World 7
Located in Kentucky, USA, the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox was completed in 1936. The building allegedly holds more than 147.3 million ounces of gold owned by the U.S. government. The general public is forbidden to visit the vault but in over 42 years, on August 21, 2017, it was inspected by the secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin. The also held the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution during World War II. The place is highly protected and among the most secure places in the world.

8. Pionen Data Center, Stockholm, Sweden:

10 Most Secure Places In The World 8
Bahnhof’s Pionen data centre in Stockholm, Sweden is among the most secure places in the world. In fact, it is so secure that the data will remain safe even after a nuclear attack. It is built below 100 feet of granite in a Cold War-era bunker. This highly protected place is secure with many types of machinery.

9. Bold Lane, Derby, England, UK:

10 Most Secure Places In The World 9
World’s most secure multi-storey car park is located in the English county of Derbyshire. The building has 440 parking spots protected with individual barcodes, sensors and other high-tech security equipment. It was built in the 1970s and has barriers that come down if someone challenges the security.

10. The Korean Demilitarized Zone:

10 Most Secure Places In The World 10
DMZ or The Korean Demilitarized Zone serves as a barrier between North and South Korea. This 2.5-mile-wide land is one of the most heavily protected areas in the world. Reportedly more than 800 soldiers have died in this boundary area since its creation in 1953. However, because of the lack of a human presence, this area has become a home to many endangered wildlife species including the Siberian tiger and white-naped crane.


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