10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019

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10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019

An independent non-profit think tank based in Australia, The Institute for Economics and Peace annually publishes the Global Peace Index. They study 163 independent states and territories according to their levels of peacefulness. They take records of 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators and three aspects- safety and security in society, the extent of ongoing domestic or international conflict and the degree of militarization.
According to GPI, the average level of global peacefulness improved very slightly for the first time in five years. From last year the average score improved by -0.09 per cent with 86 countries improving, and 76 recording
deteriorations. The five largest improvements are Ukraine, Sudan, Egypt, North Macedonia and Rwanda while the five largest deteriorations are Nicaragua, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Iran & Brazil. The 10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 according to GPI are:

Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019

1. Iceland:

10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 1
Iceland remained the most peaceful country in the world, a title it has held since 2008. Iceland doesn’t have a standing army, navy or air force. The country has the smallest population of any NATO member state and a record- low crime rates, an enviable education and welfare system. Iceland ranks among the best nations in terms of jobs and earnings and a subjective sense of wellbeing. With basically a non-existent tension between economic classes, Iceland is also one of the happiest countries.

2. New Zealand:

10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 2

New Zealand has remained in the top in the GPI four over the past 10 years. New Zealand is widely considered one of the best countries to live in. With a small population of just 4.7 million people, New Zealand ranks at the top in health status and above the average amidst OECD members when it comes to education, jobs and earnings and it is also one of the happiest countries. The major conflict the country faces for now is the increasing gap between rich and poor.

3. Portugal:

10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 3
Portugal has been one of the most improving countries, moving from the 18th position in 2014-2015 to the fifth in 2016. This year, rising one spot from 2018, it jumps back on the ranking at the number three spot, a position it also held in 2017. Between housing, work-life balance, personal security and environmental quality, Portugal maintains a good balance. Its lifestyle makes it one of the top three favourite destinations. The country also remains one of the most affordable countries to live in Europe.

4. Austria:

10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 4
Austria slides down one spot in the Global Peace Index compared to last year. A young member of the EU and outside of NATO, Austria has been successfully embracing new forms of cooperation with its neighbours. Austria performs well in several measures of wellbeing including income, jobs and housing. Although the migrant issue has recently sparked some tension among European allies.

5. Denmark:

10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 5
Denmark dropped to number five in 2017 and has been retained the same position ever since. Denmark currently ranked the happiest country in the world, is widely renowned as a safe country to travel and live in, it is characterized by low levels of crime, a high degree of political stability, freedom of the press and respect for human rights with a high level of income equality. To counter the threat of Russia’s increasing military activity in eastern and northern Europe, Denmark has increased its defence budget by 20%.

6. Canada:

10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 6
Widely appreciated as one of the best countries in the world, Canada remains in the same position from last year and got good scores in factors related to internal conflicts, levels of crime and political stability. With excellent job opportunities, good health facilities and effective governance, Canada is one of the best countries to live in. Though Canada has been facing economic issues due to trade tensions with the U.S.

7. Singapore:

10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 7
Singapore has been constantly improving its position on the GPI. The country scored highly in the regards of societal safety and security and low levels of domestic and international conflict. The level of militarization is what holding the country back.

8. Slovenia:

10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 8
Slovenia is the new entry in the top ten. Overall 22 of out of 36 European countries improved, with 17 countries of the 25 most peaceful nations belonging to Europe, only Turkey, at 152, ranked amongst the least peaceful in the world. Half of Slovenia is covered in forests boasting one of the greatest levels of biodiversity in the continent.

9. Japan:

10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 9
Japan is the only country in the top ten with a big population. Japan is also one of the top countries in terms of quality of life. With a record low crime rate and low incarceration rate which was a major concern for the country, Japan has become one of the best nations to live in. Although, Its relationship with its neighbor countries like China and North Korea has become a concern for the country.

10. Czech Republic:

10 Most Peaceful Nations In The World 2019 10
The Czech Republic has been scoring good in areas ranging from political stability to personal security and international relations. It also has a good score in the aspects of wellbeing, and in jobs and earnings, work-life balance and education and skills. But the small nation can boast the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union at 2.2%.

Apart from these top countries, the United States ranked at No. 128 for its peacefulness. Meanwhile, Bhutan, ranking 15th, is the most improved country in the top 20, rising 43 places in the past 12 years. The United Kingdom ranked 45th on the list. And the least peaceful country Is Afghanistan (163rd). The Top 10 Least Peaceful Nations In The World Are:

1. Afghanistan
2. Syria
3. South Sudan
4. Yemen
5. Iraq
6. Somalia
7. The central African Republic
8. Libya
9. The Democratic Republic of the Congo
10. Russia



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