10 Most Notable Hacks In History 1

10 Most Notable Hacks In History

Biggest Hacking in history

Every time an incident of hacking makes the news, it points out how vulnerable our systems and personal information are. In 1903, the first hacking was described by magician John Nevil Maskelyne when he hacked a public demonstration of Marconi’s telegraph. Hacking means gaining access to a computer or IT system without permission. In 2011 when Sony’s Play Station Network was hacked it affected 77 Million Users. In 2014 Apple’s iCloud was hacked and the hackers leaked more than 500 private photos of celebrities, known as the “The Fappening”.

       There were, even more, riskier hacks happened, like the J.P. Morgan Chase Hack where the hackers stole personal banking Infos of 83 Million Accounts. The Ashley Madison Hack in 2015 became one of the devastating hacks in history because of the nature of the website. The eBay Hack in 2014, The LinkedIn Hack in 2016 and the Global Payments hack in 2012 was nothing less than nightmares for millions of customers. More recently the reports of hackers meddling with the 2016 US election made headlines worldwide. The e-Mail of the Democratic National Committee was also hacked and Russian hackers are reportedly responsible and the investigations are still going on. Here are 10 more Most Notable Hacks In History that made headlines.

1. Stuxnet:

10 Most Notable Hacks In History 2

      Stuxnet, a self-replicating, self-propagating computer virus, has become a known name in cyber attacks. In 2009, the Stuxnet virus destroyed a fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. The well mannered destructive malware primarily targeted about 1,000 centrifuges which help to enrich uranium used for nuclear weapons via the plant’s supply chain. It was initially thought that the US and Israel were probably involved. It ruined 20 per cent of the country’s centrifuges over four years. 

2 . NASA and the Department of Defense hack:

10 Most Notable Hacks In History 3

      Two hackers, one a 15-year-old named Floridian Jonathan James and 35-year-old Scot Gary McKinnon hacked into the system of NASA and the US Department of Defense (DoD) in 1999. It was the first time the American space agency was hacked and even that by a teenager. James hacked the system by compromising computers at the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency. He even managed to make off on the International Space Station. It cost NASA $41,000 to repair the damage he had done. According to the reports Gary McKinnon succeded in the biggest military computer hack of all time. He hacked into 97 computers, 16 belonging to NASA and 81 belonging to other parts of the DoD between 2001 and 2002. He stated that he was looking for UFOs and the suppression of new energy technologies.

3. DDoS Cyber attack on Estonia’s Banking Infrastructure:

10 Most Notable Hacks In History 4

   In 2007, Estonia suffered three weeks of DDoS attacks completely crippling its IT infrastructure. From the website of the ruling Reform Party to other political parties to the official site of the Estonian Parliament and other government entities to the websites of Estonian news outlets, universities, schools and businesses., everything was hacked. It the third week, Estonia’s banking infrastructure was attacked. Estonia’s largest bank Hansapank had to shut down all off its internet-based operations. It is known as the first cyberwar and only one person has been arrested for this, Dmitri Galushkevich. He was a 20-year-old ethnic Russian Estonian and it is suspected that attacks were from either Russians or ethnic Russian Estonians  

4. The Conficker worm Attack:

10 Most Notable Hacks In History 5

    In November of 2008, the Conficker was detected for the first time. The warm is known as one of the most effective because of its ability to be shared easily and spread through software and removable media devices. That year the virus-infected around 15 million computers. Since 2003 the warm used several technically sophisticated techniques to infect Windows machines around the world. Even in 2017 half, a million Internet-connected machines were found infected by Conficker. Conficker is different because it doesn’t steal data but it just spread to as many computers as possible and disrupt things.

5.  Spamhaus / DDoS attack:

10 Most Notable Hacks In History 6

    The Spamhaus Project is an antispam organization based in Holland whose entire purpose is the tracking and fighting of spam. CyberBunker which stores data of almost every kind was blacklisted by Spamhaus. Spamhaus said that CyberBunker allows themselves to be used as a host for mega spammers. Which CyberBunker took quite roughly and they or someone else who supported them initiated the largest cyberattack in history. The DDoS attack makes sites crash. This was the time when hackers were going after security providers themselves. Spamhaus went offline and Internet was slowed down across the world. In this attack, more bandwidth was taken up than any other attack ever attempted and when the company went with outside resources to defend itself, things got even messier.

6. The 2016 FBI Hack:

10 Most Notable Hacks In History 7

      In 2010 The U.S. Defense Contractors and Military Systems were compromised by Chinese hackers which became a major headline at that time. And in 2016 the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security was compromised. After hacking just one email account of a Justice Department employee it didn’t take much time for the hacker to hack every single person who works for the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The hacker not only downloads about 200 GB of incredibly sensitive info but also tricked a DOJ rep into giving him access to the database itself. Nearly 30,000 FBI employees had their personal information leaked. Later the hacker was revealed to be a 16-year-old teen from England.

7. The OPM Hack:

10 Most Notable Hacks In History 8

    The Office of Personnel Management, in charge of all the civilians working for the U.S. government, was also hacked around the year 2014. When the IT department found out about the hacking they realised that millions of personal information of the employees were stolen. The hacking and stealing of personal data went on for two years. In 2017, a Chinese man was arrested for being related to the OPM hack.

8.  The Bitcoin hack:

10 Most Notable Hacks In History 9
     Mt. Gox, the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world was compromised in 2014. The exchange suddenly ceased trading and locked customers out of their accounts. Around $460 million worth of Bitcoins over three-to-four years were stolen and Mt. Gox went bankrupt. In 2018 another major hack happened which was dome by cyberthieves. A major Bitcoin company based in South Korea was hacked and within a few hours, it lost about 30 per cent of virtual money leading to about a 30 billion dollars loss for cryptocurrency overall. The hack caused the price of Bitcoin itself to drop around 7 per cent almost immediately.  

9.  The Melissa virus:

10 Most Notable Hacks In History 10

     One of the first major macro virus infections, Melissa was programmed not using conventional coding languages, but instead in the increasingly powerful macro recording pseudo-language built into Microsoft Word. The virus used that language to spread itself and infected documents. The virus from 1999 would send itself to fifty of the recipient’s contacts. It became a major problem for the business world as well as giant companies like Microsoft. 


10.  Home Depot Point of Sale Hack:

10 Most Notable Hacks In History 11

      In 2014 the Home Depot was attacked by carders. Hackers first messed with a trusted vendor the company used, then used the vendor credentials and a zero-day Windows exploit to jeopardise over 7,500 self-checkout point-of-sale terminals on the Home Depot network. About 56 million credit and debit card numbers were passed along the carders along with personal information.  

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