10 Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World 1

10 Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World

10 Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World

Cemeteries often have the reputation of being haunted by spirits. These silent, eerie places might not be a favorite among most people but they are very popular among ghost hunters and explorers. And if you are brave enough you can also check out one of these graveyards that has the reputation of being among the most haunted cemeteries. Here are the 10 Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World that you can visit.

Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World

1. St. Louis Cemetery #1, New Orleans:

10 Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World 2
St. Louis Cemetery #1 is the oldest among the three St. Louis Cemeteries in New Orleans. The cemetery was built in 1788 replacing the burned St. Peter Cemetery. There are more than a 100,000 people buried in this small cemetery. The Marie Laveau tomb among all attracts most people. She was a voodoo priestess and people believe that if they mark three “X” on her tomb, she will grant them a wish. Many reported seeing the ghosts of Marie Laveau and a 19th-century sailor, Henry Vignes. In 2015, after rampant vandalism, the graveyard was closed to the public.

2. Highgate Cemetery, London:

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The Highgate Cemetery is known for having some of the finest funerary architecture in England as well as for being one of the most haunted places. The cemetery was first opened in 1839 and was one of London’s most high profile places to be buried. The cemetery was abandoned By the mid-20th century and it is believed that it is haunted by a vampire. There were many rumors of Satanism and occult activities circulated in the cemetery. Not much long after a “floating” man in a Victorian suit and top hat gliding through the cemetery was reported. Many people including reporters and vampire hunters cam but left empty handed.

3. Old Western Burial Ground, Baltimore, Maryland:

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The Old Western Burial Ground, in Baltimore, is the final resting place of many famous people including fifteen generals from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 and Edgar Allan Poe. It is one of the scariest places in America where Poe’s ghost has been spotted. There is another story about the Cambridge Skull. A minister was murdered but allegedly even after his death his head never stopped screaming. When the murderers finally silenced the skull, they buried it in a block of cement. It is said, his voice can still be heard. And if anyone hears it, that person will never get the sound out of their head and will be driven insane.

4. La Recoleta, Buenos Aires:

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La Recoleta is the final resting place for many of the famous personalities of Argentina and it is known for its attractive monumental architecture. There are more than 6,500 tombs with different architecture styles. It is the final resting place of Eva ‘Evita’ Pero’s grave, Argentina’s spiritual leader and first lady and Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the country’s seventh president. But the place is believed to be haunted by David Allen, a former grave worker who committed suicide in 1960. This place is also said to be haunted by a young girl, Rufina Cambaceres who was buried alive after she was mistakenly pronounced dead.

5. Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague:

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In the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague is said to be haunted by many spirits. The oldest grave dates back to 1439. In the cemetery, new bodies were buried above old bodies and of course, the spirits didn’t like it. The cemetery was located inside the city and burials were prohibited in the area.

6. Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, Scotland:

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Greyfriars Kirkyard is one of the haunted places in Scotland which will seem like any regular cemetery in the daylight but the graveyard does have a dark past. in the early 1800s, body snatchers were reported which forced people to put caskets in iron cages. In 1679, in the Covenanters’ Prison, which is connected to the graveyard, 1200 participants of a failed anti-government revolution were imprisoned and only 257 made out. But the most famous spirit is the spirit of George MacKenzie who has reportedly physically harmed many visitors.

7. Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin:

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Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin houses more burials of 1.5 million people. With a number of other spirits, this graveyard is most famous for a ghost of a dog, who willingly starved to death by loyally sitting near the tomb of its master. Many people have said to have observed the ghostly dog-like creature near Captain John McNeill Boyd grave.

8. Pere Lachaise Cemetry, Paris:

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Pere Lachaise Cemetry is one of the biggest graveyards of Paris that houses bodies of many famous people including Jim Morrison, Rossini, and Oscar Wilde. With over 300,000 graves, it is believed that the holocaust victims roam the cemetery at night. At night people said to have spotted the spirits of Marcel Proust and Maurice Ravel getting up from their graves in search of one another. With Morrison’s ghost, a skeleton-like a man with grey hair and no lower body have also been seen in this cemetery. The Catacombs of Paris is another place that is known for its creepy ghost stories.

9. The Catacombs of Rome & Capuchin Crypt, Rome:

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Two of the creepiest cemeteries in the world are The Catacombs of Rome & Capuchin Crypt located in Rome. The Capuchin Crypt located in Rome has five chapels and constructed with skeletons. The structure includes skulls and bones as embellishment. The skeletons belong to more than 4000 monks.
The Catacombs of Rome is another cemetery that is believed to be haunted by many spirits. These underground chambers were used by Etruscans to bury their dead bodies outside the city. It is said that you can spot pictures of ghosts inside the cave.

10. Stull Cemetery, Kansas:

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The Stull Cemetery in Kansas, USA, sometimes referred to as The Seventh Gate To Hell or Devils Land. It is believed that that Satan himself comes here every night to talk to his worshipers and that devils own son is buried here. There is an abandoned local church bear the graveyard which is considered to be the most haunted place in the area. People have reported feeling grabbed by invisible hands entering the church and even Pope refused to fly over this ‘satanic’ land.

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