10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 1

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families

Even when we lose faith in most people, our families still stands tall. They are someone who stands by us and supports us whenever we need them. But there are some people or families that are just pure evil. These dangerously dysfunctional families have been involved in horrific crimes and didn’t even spare their own children. These 10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families are worse than the famous Adams family.

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families

1. Futoshi Matsunaga And Junko Ogata:

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 2

   Futoshi Matsunaga and his common-law wife Junko Ogata killed seven people of whom six were the members of Ogata’s family. They killed their victims by brutal beatings, repeated electric shocks and even starving them to death. One of their prisoners, a 21-year-old woman escaped in 1998 and reported the police. The crazy duos youngest victim was just a five-year-old kid. 

      Matsunaga held the victims to get money from them. He said he didn’t want to kill any of his victims since they were his “money trees.” He killed some of his victims himself and the other ones were carried out on his order by his prisoners. Then he would throw the bodies into the ocean. Both of them got a death sentence in Japan.

2. The Walkers:

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 3

    Albert Walker was the owner of a local financial services company in Ontario. Walker and his daughter Sheena left for London taking the majority of the company’s assets, investors’ money, with them. The two needed new identities so Albert bought that from Ronald Platt. Ronald Platt wanted to go back to Canada where he spent his time as a youth. So, the English man sold his birth certificate and driver’s license to Albert for money. 

      Albert and his daughter lived as Mr and Mrs Platt and she gave birth to two children. But things took a turn when Ronald Platt decided to return to England. Albert killed Ronald and dumped his body in the sea. Ronald was identified and Sheena was caught stuffing gold bars in diapers. When caught, Sheena testified against her father freeing herself while Albert was charged for embezzlement and murder.


3. The Knorrs:

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 4

    Theresa Cross and Clifford Sanders got married when she was just 16, in California. Things between the couple got worse from the bad as time passed. Theresa accused Clifford of infidelity and shot him during an argument. There was pregnant that time and when the police came, she stated that it was self-defence. Theresa got remarried Vietnam veteran Robert Knorr with her daughter Sheila. The couple had three kids Suesan, William and Robert and settled in Sacramento. She mistreated their children, physical violence and starving became regular. 

      The couple divorced but Theresa was pregnant at that time with a daughter also named Theresa. Theresa got married again to Chet Harris. But divorced him because he started spending time with her daughter Suesan. Her drinking and abusive nature were growing worse by days. She accused Suesan of using witchcraft to make her gain weight and shot her during an argument. Suesan was patched up by her siblings without any professional help and the bullet remained in her body.

    Then she stabbed Suesan with a pair of sensors on her back. When she realized Suesan was dying, she drove out to an isolated hillside and set Suesan on fire. Then she turned her attention to another daughter Sheila, whom she forced into prostitution. Sheila was starved to death. Then the mother decided to move so she set her house on fire. Years later in 1992, the police finally arrested Theresa after her daughter also named Theresa reported everything to the police.

4. The Wessons:

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 5

    Marcus Wesson of his, nieces, grand-kids, all fathered by him. The children weren’t allowed things like talking to other people and were punished with a baseball bat. He molested all the girls and married two of his own daughters and three of his nieces. Every family member was told to immediately kill each other if the officials came, but he would remain alive. When Marcus Wesson was caught he had killed nine of his children. 

5. The Kimes:

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 6

   Sante was a prostitute before she married millionaire Kenneth Kimes. She then gave birth to a son, Kenneth Jr. Kenneth was involved in many crime including insurance fraud and Sante supported him. Sante used to lure Mexican girls to her home with promising jobs and then tortured them and made them her slaves. When one of the girls escaped, Sante was jailed. 

     And when she got out of jail she intended to kill everyone who knew of her crimes. And while Kenny Sr. died, Kenneth Jr. was getting sucked into the illegal business more and more. Sante killed at least three potential witnesses of her crimes. Sante and Kenny Jr. also killed an 83-year-old Irene Silverman for her property. When the duo was caught, Sante was sentenced 120 years and her son 125 years of jail

6. The Sexton Family:

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 7

Eddie Sexton physically and sexually abused his wife and his 12 children. He married one of his own daughters. The psychopath claimed that he was Satan and gave humiliating physical punishments to his family members. The family was also involved in other criminal activities such including insurance fraud. Eddie was once caught for child abuse but managed to get out and fled to Florida with his wife and youngest child.

      Eddie’s adult daughter Pixie, her husband Joel Good, and their children also joined. Pixie’s kid Skipper was suffocated to death by her because he won’t stop crying. When Joel found out Pixie’s two oldest daughters were fathered by Eddie, he was also killed by Pixie and her son William. When the family was caught they were facing many charges including murder.

7. Inessa Tarverideyeva & Roman Podkopaev:

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 8

   Inessa and her husband Roman Podkopaev, a nursery school teacher and a qualified dentist used to run a gang and have been involved in killing at least 30 people. The Russian couple also involved their daughters in the crimes. Podkopaev’s sister and brother-in-law also helped them to organise their crimes. They were known for targeting police officers and their families. Podkopaev was killed in a shoot-out and Inessa was arrested along with her daughters.

8. The Northcott Family:

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 9

     In Wineville, California, in 1926, 14-year-old nephew Sanford Clark was brought by uncles Gordon Stewart Northcott, a ranch owner, to live with him. Gordon started to abuse Sanford mentally, physically and sexually. Sarah Louise Northcott, Gordon’s mother, never stopped her son from his crimes.

    The police were reported by Sanford’s sister who came to visit from Canada. Sanford stated that his uncle murdered a dozen of kids and Sarah was also involved in it. Walter Collins was one of his uncle’s victims. Gordon Northcott was executed when caught and Sarah received life imprisonment.

9. The Shafia Family:

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 10

    In 2009, Mohammad Shafia and his wife Tooba and son Hamed killed Mohammad’s three teenage daughters and his first wife Rona Amir. Mohammad Shafia was a wealthy Afghan businessman living in Montreal, Canada. When his wife Rona was unable to conceive, Mohammad married Tooba supported by Rona. The two oldest daughters, Zainab and Sahar and the elders of the family were always arguing about their choice of clothes and boys. The two girls along with Rona and 13-year-old Geeti were disabled and placed in the family’s Nissan then pushed into the Rideau Canal. Mohammad, Tooba, and Hamed were given life imprisonment.

10. The Lefranc Family:

10 Most Dangerously Dysfunctional Families 11

    The disturbing tale of the Lefranc family shocked everyone in France in 1998. Fat Lucie, the family matriarch, let her two oldest sons to repeatedly rape Patricia, her own daughter. Patricia gave birth to at least six children and all of them were murdered and buried by her brothers. And 76-year-old Paul Lefranc had to live in a rabbit hutch. He had to share his food with the that the family had trained to attack him. When caught, both her sons were charged with murder while “Fat Lucie,” Patricia, and youngest son Dominique faced multiple charges ranging from the associate to failure to report the crimes.

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