10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 1

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers

How far is too far? the answer to this question may vary from person to person, but when a very pregnant Demi Moore got stripped and hit the Vanity Fair cover on August 1991-More Demi Moore, the cover stirred up a huge controversy. The backlash was huge as many supermarkets even refused to put the issue on their shelves and some places that did sell that treated it as an issue of Playboy. But years later so many celebrities followed her footsteps and now it has become such a common thing. Many magazines cover that received huge backlash a few years would be totally acceptable today. But there are also a number of magazine covers that would become the talk of the town, even if it was released in today’s society. Here are 10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers of such.

Most Controversial Magazine Covers

1. Life’s, War In Vietnam, November 26, 1965:

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 2
The Vietnam war is a sensitive topic for many. It wasn’t surprising when the LIFE magazine’s cover from 1965 got a lot of attention after publishing a photo by Paul Schutzer. The cover showed a Vietcong prisoner with his eyes and mouth taped shut. The photo image was a reminder for people about how brutal wars can be.

2. Time’s IS GOD DEAD? April 8, 1966:

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 3
Time magazine has been the center of attention many times, for good or bad. Even recently their cover Are You Mom Enough? of May 21, 2012, stirred up a lot of controversies. But the cover from 1966 attracted a lot of criticism. Topics related to religion tend to does that a lot. The article was about how society was becoming increasingly secular. But the cover offended most people and it was also the first time Time’s presented text with no accompanying image on the cover.

3. Time‘s ‘Man of the Year”, January 2, 1938:

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 4
This issue was released just eight months before World War II was triggered by Germany’s invasion of Poland. The cover had Hitler playing his hymn of hate in a defiled cathedral while victims dangle on a St. Catherine’s wheel and down below it had the caption ‘Man of the Year’. Though the cover was surrounded by controversy, the article criticized Hitler and his action describing him as ‘ruthless’ and ‘methodical’.

4. The New Yorker’s Issue of July 21, 2008:

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 5
The New Yorker’s magazine said that it was a parody of the media’s portrayal of the couple. This was the time when Barack Obama was running for president and the cover had Barack Obama dressed like Osama Bin Laden and Michelle Obama dressed like a terrorist militant. The cover also had a portrait of Osama Bin Laden and a burning American flag.

5. Wired’s September 2014 Issue, Feat. Edward Snowden:

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 6
Edward Snowden has been a controversial figure after he leaked classified NSA information to the media. The Wired magazine had Edward Snowden on their cover clutching the American flag to his chest in 2014. Edward did a candid interview for the magazine but the cover attracted more outrage from his accusers and even bewildered his supporters.

6. Rolling Stone’s July 2013 Issue Feat. The Bomber:

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 7
When Rolling Stone had an image of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on their cover, a lot of people accused the magazine of showing him as a heroic personal rather than condemning his actions and him. Tsarnaev was one of the two bombers of the 2013 Boston Marathon and the magazine received a major backlash for their cover. Many threatened to boycott the magazine for giving him a glamorized look even comparing him to a Jim Morrison cover from the 1960s and the family of the victims called it the most insensitive move.

7. Time’s Are You Mom Enough, May 21, 2012:

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 8
When Time magazine released its issue of May 21, 2012, the cover had then-26-year-old mother Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her 3-year-old son. The story was meant to encourage a discussion on attachment parenting in an article about Dr. Bill Sears. But the cover took away all the attention as many people found it offensive.

8. Rolling Stone’s Teen Dream, March 1999:

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 9
Celebrities in lingerie posing on the cover of a magazine is not a big deal but if the celebrity is only 17 years old then it is a huge deal. A 17-year-old Britney Spears posing on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing lingerie received a lot of backlashes.

9. Time’s An American Tragedy, June 27, 1994:

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 10
In 1994, after O.J. Simpson was accused of two murders, his mugshot was all over the media. Time magazine received a huge backlash when they printed which was a darker skin Simpson’s on their cover. The editors at Time had digitally darkened Simpson’s skin color and made him more guilty-looking. Though the magazine denied all the accusation the differences are clearly visible. The trial of the century was already overwhelmed with issues of race, and Time’s cover only fueled the flames.

10. Rolling Stone’s The Passion Of Kanye West, February 2006:

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers 11
Esquire’s The Passion Of Muhammad Ali which released in April 1968 attracted a lot of controversies as it showed Muhammad Ali, depicted as the martyred Saint Sebastian, pierced with six arrows for his religious beliefs. And in February 2006, Rolling Stone released their cover, The Passion Of Kanye West, where Kanye West depicted himself as Jesus Christ. He wore thorns on his head and had blood dripping down his face. Of course, many people found it wicked and some felt that it mocked Jesus Christ.



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