10 Most Affordable Countries To Visit In Europe

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10Most Affordable Countries To Visit In Europe

Europe is beautiful but it can also be very expensive. Especially if you only want to visit top destinations like London, Paris etc. But many European countries are cheaper than countries like Denmark, Norway etc. If you can book hotels in advance and save some money in eating, or drinking and shopping and not fall for any traps, countries like Spain and Greece are also great places to visit if don’t want to break your bank account.

1. Poland:

Poland is a great destination if you are on a budget. Cities like Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Sopot are some of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe but they are also as beautiful as any other city in Europe. It has lower prices compared to Western countries like France and Spain but it also has a number of destinations for you to explore such as the Tatra Mountains, Wawel Castle, Lazienki Park, Krakow Cloth Hall, Slowinski National Park and Jasna Gora Monastery and other beautiful sights. Poland has a significantly lower cost of living than it’s western European neighbours.

2. Romania:

Romania is one of the underrated European countries that have really friendly locals. You should visit the Old Town areas where you’ll see beautiful architecture, Black Church, Romanian Athenaeum, Iron Gates, Bâlea Lake, Bicaz Gorge, Retezat National Park, Bucharest and Transylvania are few of its many attractions. You should visit Bran Castle or “Dracula’s Castle” and the beautiful Peleș Castle. Romania is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, it’s charming, rich in history and friendly locals and also very cheap.

3. Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is one of the most interesting countries to visit in Bulgaria. From its natural diversity that includes the Black Sea coastline, mountains and rivers to its rich heritage and historical sites to its diverse culture, gorgeous architecture, friendly people, and delicious cuisine, Bulgaria is one of the best countries to visit in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria is really cheap comparing to the other European countries, especially the food and beer. Sofia is the most popular destination in the country, Rila Monastery, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Vitosha, Seven Rila Lakes, Musala, Kaliakra and Pirin National Park are few of the most beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria.

4. Hungary:

Hungary is one of the most underrated European countries. The country with its cathedrals, castles, parks, squares, hotels, and thermal spas is as beautiful as any top European nation but way cheaper. Budapest is the most famous destination in the country and it’s a great place to visit as its service, transportation, and food are relatively cheap. This landlocked country is dotted with architectural landmarks such as Buda’s medieval Castle Hill, grand neo-gothic buildings, Pest’s Andrássy Avenue and Chain Bridge. Visit the beautiful Lake Balaton, Gellért Hill, Andrássy út, Vajdahunyad Castle, Hortobágyi National Park, Aggtelek National Park and Bükk.

5. The Czech Republic:

From Fortified medieval castles to 14-century buildings, to its museums, concert halls, Gothic churches and fortresses and beautiful cities like Prague, The Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful and historically rich countries to visit in Europe. Prague is known as one of the most budget-friendly places to visit in Europe. The Czech Republic is a great destination especially if you are into history and architecture. Apart from Prague, you should visit Cesky Krumlov, the Bohemian Switzerland national park, Karlovy Vary, Kutna Hora, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and its other attractions.

6. Portugal:

Historic architecture, beaches, beautiful towns, Portugal got it all and despite its rise in popularity, the country remains as one of the budget-friendly places to visit in Europe. Lisbon is the second-oldest capital city in Europe and a must-visit, also try the delicious local cuisine. Apart from Lisbon, Porto, Faro district and Madeira are some of the most popular destinations in Portugal. Visit Praia Dona Ana, Vasco da Gama Bridge, Lagoa do Fogo, Boca do Inferno, Pico do Arieiro, Praia da Marinha, Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and Peneda-Gerês National Park.

7. Ukraine:

Ukraine is slowly climbing the stairs of being a popular European country but as of now, it is among the less explored European countries and relatively cheap. Ukraine has a lot to offer, from cities like Lviv to its tasty cuisine to its mixed culture and style. You should also visit Kyiv, Odesa, the famous Tunnel of Love, St. Andrew’s Church, St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, its opera and ballet theatres, Hoverla, Drahobrat and Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle.

8. Montenegro:

This Balkan country with rugged mountains, medieval villages and beaches along with its Adriatic coastline, is one of the most underrated countries to visit in Europe. The Bay of Kotor is well preserved and a perfect place to soak in picturesque views of medieval architecture and the turquoise bay. Montenegro is relatively cheap compared to many of its Mediterranean neighbours. This charming country has a range of beautiful destinations for its travellers. Explore its cities like Budva, Kotor, Podgorica, Ulcinj and Herceg Novi. Lovcen, Our Lady of the Rocks, Ostrog Monastery, Black Lake, Bobotov Kuk, Mogren beach, Sveti Nikola Island, Lovcen & Skadar Lake National Park and Komovi are few of its must-visit attractions.

9. Slovakia:

Slovakia is a landlocked country mostly surrounded by mountains. Its capital, Bratislava is one of the most stunning cities you will visit in Europe. The country is dotted with old architecture, old towns, amazing cafes and nightlife and is surrounded by forests for hiking and stunning nature. Tatra mountains, Kosice, Poprad, Tatranska Lomnica, Strbske Pleso, Jasna and Malá Fatra are some of its beautiful attractions that you should visit.

10. Georgia:

Georgia is another country among the most underrated European countries. From stunning mountain landscapes to cute hill perched villages and friendly locals to Caucasus Mountain villages and the Black Sea beaches, Georgia is as beautiful as any other European country. Kakheti, Tbilisi, Vardzia, Batumi, Mtskheta and Stepantsminda are some of the great places to visit in Georgia. Gudauri is a great place to visit especially if you are going in winter. Also, visit Ushguli, Telavi, Kobuleti, Kvareli and its other attraction. Georgia is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, so many people believe it to be an Asian country but the locals consider themselves as Europeans. So, Georgia is culturally as European as any other European nation.


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