10 Largest Snakes Of All Time 1

10 Largest Snakes Of All Time

10 Largest Snakes Of All Time

There are more than 3,000 species of snakes are present in the world. They vary from shapes and sizes to their venom. Most of the largest snakes are non-venomous and they belong to the Boidae and Pythonidae species. The longest venomous snake recorded is the King Cobra and the heaviest venomous snakes are the Gaboon viper and the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake. The Bolivian anaconda, Oenpelli python, and the olive python are also one of the largest snakes in the world. Down below we are listing the 10 Largest Snakes In The World.

10 Largest Snakes Of All Time

1. Titanoboa:

10 Largest Snakes Of All Time 2
Titanoboa is an extinct genus of snake that was a native of what is now known as La Guajira in northeastern Colombia, approximately 60–58 million years ago. Titanoboa cerrejonensis is the largest snake ever discovered by length and by weight. Researchers estimate that the Titanoboa grew up to 42 ft at maximum and weight up to

2. Gigantophis:

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Before Titanoboa’s fossils were found, Gigantophis was the largest snake ever discovered. Gigantophis garstini existed approximately 40 million years ago in the northern Sahara, where now Egypt and Algeria are located. From the fossils that were found, researchers estimate that Gigantophismay may have measured more than 33 ft larger than any living species of snake.

3. Green Anaconda:

10 Largest Snakes Of All Time 4
The Green anaconda or Eunectes murinus is the heaviest and one of the longest living snakes in the world. These non-venomous snakes are residents of South America and can grow between 6m and 9 meters in length. An average adult green anaconda can weight between 30 to 70 kg. There have been reports of Green anacondas of being 35–40 feet long. Though Green anacondas are shorter than Reticulated python, they are way bulkier. They are not man-eaters by nature though as many people believe, their diet includes deer, tapir, caiman, crocodiles, fishes, and turtles.

4. Burmese Python:

10 Largest Snakes Of All Time 5
Burmese Python or Python bivittatus is native to a large area of tropical South and Southeast Asia. Burmese Python is one of the largest species of snakes in the world. Wild Burmese Python grows about 12.1 ft long on average but they can reach up to between 18.8 ft and 23 ft, which is pretty uncommon. Female Burmese Pythons are considerably heavier and bulkier than males and can up to 137 kg. These snakes are also considered as one of the most beautiful snakes in the world coming in various colors.

5. Reticulated Python:

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Reticulated python or Malayopython reticulatus is the longest living snake in the world. They are native to South and Southeast Asia and often haunted for various purpose including for its skin, for use in traditional medicine and for sale as a pet. They are excellent swimmers and reports of them killing humans have been recorded. Reticulated pythons average grow up to 21.3 ft and weigh around 75 kg.

6. African Rock Python:

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African rock python or Python sebae is the largest species of snakes in Africa. These nonvenomous snakes can reach up to 20 ft, but those are rare. Averagely they are around 12ft long and can weigh up to 55 kg. Though they mostly live near water, they can be found in a variety of habitats from forests to deserts. There have been reports of its growing up to 23 ft and weighing up to 91 kg or more. They often pray on large species like crocodiles.

7. Indian Python:

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Scientifically known as the Python molurus, an average Indian Python grows up to between 9.8 ft to 12 ft. But there have been records of these snakes growing up to 15 ft long or more and weighing up to 52 kg. These species of snakes are lethargic and slow-moving and they are native to the regions of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. On the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, Indian pythons are classified as near threatened.

8. Amethystine Python:

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Amethystine Python is scientifically known as Simalia amethistina and usually found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. Amethystine Pythons are the sixth largest snake in the world by length and weight. Reports of these snakes growing up to 27.9 ft have been recorded though they averagely grow up to 13.1 ft and weigh around 15 kg. A 23.6 ft long Amethystine Python was reported by the staff of the Guinness Book of World Records.

9. Yellow Anaconda:

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Yellow Anaconda or the Paraguayan anaconda is scientifically known as Eunectes notaeus. They are native of South America. An adult Yellow Anaconda grow up to 14.4 ft on average and weigh up to 35 kg. The females are larger than males and they grow up to 15.1 ft. Adults weighing more than 55 kg have also been observed. These non-venomous snakes mostly inhabit in swamps, marshes, and rivers.

10. Boa Constrictor:

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Boa Constrictor or the common boa is known for its distinctive color pattern. They are mostly found in tropical North, Central, and South America, and also in some islands in the Caribbean. Females Boa Constrictors are generally larger than the males. On average these snakes can reach up to between 10 ft to 14.6 ft in length and weigh up to a possibly 45 kg. They are famed for their beautiful skin and their heavily build body.

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