10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 1

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes

Interesting Facts About Wormholes

Space is a vast & majestic place that we are still learning about. Humans have come a long way from the first time stepping on the Moon to taking the first picture of a Black Hole. But there is still a long way to go for us. There are many theories about space that hasn’t been proved yet, Wormholes is one of them. The theory of wormholes was created by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen, linked to the theory of general relativity.

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes

1. What Is A Wormhole:

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 2
Wormholes are a theoretical way through spacetime that could create shortcuts for distant travels. They are tunnels or bridges through space-time. Things can travel through the hole at one end of space and end up coming through the other end in a completely different part of space or time somewhere in the universe and even in another universe. As an example, imagine you are standing on a point at the start of a road and you need to get to another point at the end of the road which is far away. A wormhole in curved space-time will reach the far away point at the end of the road is a second.

2. They Are Very Unstable:

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 3
Wormholes are thought to be extremely unstable. If humans or any other foreign enter a wormhole, it might collapse completely. In fact, they are so unstable that as soon as wormholes are created they would be “pinched” off instantly if even the tiniest amount of matter tried to pass through it and the matter would be destroyed with the emission of radiation. There are different types of wormholes and it is thought that a traversable wormhole probably can be stabilized by Casimir effect.

3. They Are Very Tiny:

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 4
There is another reason why humans can’t use wormholes because they are very tiny. They are a tiny hole around 1e-33 in the frame of space-time.
But with new and improving technologies scientists could possibly capture and enlarge the wormholes so that humans would be suited for it.

4. Einstein-Rosen bridge:

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 5
Wormholes are also known as Einstein-Rosen bridge and they are a short-cut path in space. Wormholes have two mouths and throat that connects the mouths. It is believed that Wormholes might expand as the universe expands.

5. Formation:

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 6
According to scientists, Wormholes are created when a black hole is formed. In that case, for bigger wormholes, larger black holes need to be formed.

6. You Might Get Stuck At One Place After Entering A Wormhole:

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 7
So it is thought if you enter a wormhole, you would get stuck at the place you will land. Because you won’t find a wormhole to get back to the same era or time or universe that you came from.

7. Some Wormholes Regenerate Mass:

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 8
If enough mass jump in a wormhole it can collapse. However, some wormholes like the frigate-only wormholes can regenerate mass. Though it is not impossible, in combination with the mass jump limit restriction, are very difficult to collapse.

8. The Term:

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 9
The term Wormhole was called by the theoretical physicist, John Archibald Wheeler from America. He discussed wormholes in a paper published in 1957, co-authored by Charles Misner.

9. Traversable Wormholes:

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 10
As we said before, there are different types of wormholes. Traversable wormholes have been fascinating researchers for a long time. They can cross in both directions and out of the six primary types of wormholes, Traversable wormholes can be travelled through, unlike the other wormholes.

10. The Schwarzschild Wormhole:

10 Interesting Facts About Wormholes 11
The Schwarzschild wormhole is considered as the first discovery of the wormhole solution and it would present in the Schwarzschild metric describing an eternal black hole.

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