10 Interesting Facts About Breaking Bad 1

10 Interesting Facts About Breaking Bad

10 Interesting Facts About Breaking Bad

Although Breaking Bad has ended in 2013, still we can’t get over this show. Breaking Bad is undoubtedly one of the best show ever made. From the pilot to the last episode, the show kept growing. You have probably binged watched the show a couple of times. But there are many facts about the show that you might don’t know. So, here are 10 Interesting Facts About Breaking Bad that you might have missed.

1. The Series Was Rejected By A Few Networks:

10 Interesting Facts About Breaking Bad 2
Before landing on AMC, Breaking Bad was rejected by four networks including HBO, Showtime, TNT, and FX. Gilligan once said in an interview that, he had the worst meeting with HBO. The network also wanted either Matthew Broderick or John Cusack for the role of Walter, but Gilligan convinced everyone that Bryan Cranston would be perfect for the role.

2. Jesse Pinkman Was Supposed To Die In The First Season:

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Jesse Pinkman was originally supposed to be killed in the ninth episode but because of the Writers Guild of America strike, the makers had to shorten the season and the episode got cut. Later on, the chemistry between White and Jesse became one of the best parts of the show. Maybe it was fate as Aaron Paul auditioned for the part of Francis on the hit TV series, Malcolm in the Middle which starred Bryan Cranston. Talking about Jesse, just so if you’re curious, Jesse Says “Bitch” 54 Times in 62 episodes. But it got so popular that, Paul even released an app called “YO, BITCH”. The number 62 also has a deeper meaning. On the periodic table, the 62nd element is Samarium, which is used to treat a range of cancers, including lung cancer.

3. Help By The DEA:

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The makers of the show rightfully informed the Drug Enforcement Administration about what they were making. And the DEA actually co-operated and came onboard as consultants and taught Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston how to make crystal meth. A chemistry professor from the University of Oklahoma, Dr Donna Nelson also helped with the series. He served as a science advisor on the show. There was another chemist on the set, Walter’s boss at the car wash. But of course, not all the steps were right as no one wanted the viewers to start making their own drugs. The iconic blue meth which actually inspired a lot of real drug dealers to use blue dye in their drugs were actually blue rock candy. The makers also got some help from The Walking Dead crew for Fring’s last episode.

4. White’s House:

White and family’s house that we saw in the series is originally 3828 Piermont Drive NE. Although the owner doesn’t really mind when fans stop in front of the house, it gets really messy when people actually start to throw pizzas on the roof. You can also find another location of the series if you follow the GPS coordinates used in season five that Walt hid on a Lotto ticket. It will take you to the Q Studios in Albuquerque. The remote desert sequences are also easy to find as they were filmed on the New Mexico production facility’s backlot.

5. Heisenberg:

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Walter White’s alter ego, Heisenberg is actually a bow to a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who developed the principle of uncertainty, Werner Heisenberg. Another clever thing was the final episode’s title, which was named Felina, an anagram of Finale. It was also the name of the song that was played in the episode that basically summarized the plot in its lyrics. And if you break the title like “Fe” “Li” “Na” it will ay Iron, Lithium and Sodium which translate into Blood, Meth and Tears.

6. Jesse’s Teeth Is Still A Issue:

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Gilligan admitted in an interview that, Jesse’s teeth still troubles him to this day. Even after taking so much beating and meth, Jesse’s teeth were too perfect.

7. The Death Toll:

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Throughout the show, a total of 270 characters were killed. While Mike’s death was the hardest for everyone, Paul admitted that Jane’s death was the hardest scene for him. And out of all the felonies that were committed by the characters, Todd had the largest number. He committed a number of illegal acts on the show from murder to robbing to manufacturing and distributing meth to arson to carrying illegal firearms. Out of the all the actors though, unsurprisingly, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are the only two actors to appear in each and every episode of the show.

8. Real-Life Walter White:

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Not exactly the same but there was a 55-year-old man named Walter White who was wanted for manufacturing and selling meth. There were also other people with similar stories like William Duncan, a chemistry teacher, who was arrested for selling meth or Irina Kristy, a math professor who was arrested for running a meth lab.

9. SaveWalterWhite.com is a Real Site:

10 Interesting Facts About Breaking Bad 9
In the series, Walt Jr made a website to collect donation for his cancer-stricken father, called SaveWalterWhite.com. But what many people don’t know that this site is real and you can even donate money which will go to the National Cancer Coalition. Another fact which was real is that RJ Mitte who played Walt Jr. has cerebral palsy in real life. But his affliction is much milder than his character’s.

10. The Crossover:

10 Interesting Facts About Breaking Bad 10
The Breaking Bad/Malcolm in the Middle fan fiction was shown in the series finale on the final season Blu Ray/DVD set. Where Bryan Cranston’s Hal from Malcolm in the Middle wakes up from a nightmare. And the nightmare was the experiences of Breaking Bad.

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