10 Highest IQ Scorers

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  IQ or Intelligence quotient is what a person scores after taking one of the many standardized tests. These tests are supposed to measure the intelligence level of individuals. As the score can vary from tests to test, an IQ score is always inexact. This is one of the reasons the Guinness Book of World Records eliminated the Highest IQ category long ago. A high IQ can be a result of genes or nourishment or hard work, it is highly debatable. And 95% of the people scores between 70 and 130 which is the score of average intelligence. Also, having a high IQ doesn’t always mean the person is the smartest. Genius legends including Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking both have an estimated IQ of 160 but they don’t even feature on this list. Having a high IQ means you are great at solving mathematical and logical reasoning. On this list, we’re mentioning the 10 Highest IQ Scorers.

10 Highest IQ Scorers:

1. William J. Sidis: (IQ- 250 – 300):

10 Highest IQ Scorers:

    An American child prodigy, William James Sidis has an all-time record high IQ score which is estimated to be between 250 to 300. His skills in mathematics and language were exceptional. He was born on April 1, 1898, to psychologist Boris Sidis who raised him in a particular manner. He proposed the existence of dark matter, entropy and the origin of life in his 1920 book The Animate and the Inanimate. He entered Harvard at age 11 and was conversant in about 25 languages and dialects.

2. Ainan Cawley: (IQ- 263):

10 Highest IQ Scorers

   Born on 23 November 1999, in Singapore, Ainan Celeste Cawley is a child prodigy. He is a polymath in chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer programming and music. Cawley gave his first public lecture at the age of six and passed the GCSE chemistry at the age of seven. He could remember the periodic table and was able to recite pi to 518 decimal places by the age of 9. His film was premiered at the Vilnius International Film Festival which he scored at the age of 12. 

3. Terence Tao: (IQ- 230):

10 Highest IQ Scorers

     Terence Chi-Shen Tao is an Australian-American mathematician who has an IQ score of 230. Terence Tao has worked in various areas of mathematics. He is the second ethnic Chinese mathematician to win the Fields medal and he has also won the 2014 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics. Tao currently focuses on partial differential equations, arithmetic combinatorics, compressed sensing and geometric combinatorics etc.

4.  Marilyn Vos Savant: (IQ- 228):

10 Highest IQ Scorers

    Before the Guinness Book of World Records eliminated the Highest IQ category, Marilyn vos Savant held the record for having the highest IQ ever recorded which was an estimated 228. The American women is a magazine columnist, author, lecturer, and playwright. On “Ask Marilyn”, a magazine Sunday column, she used to solves puzzles and answers questions on various subjects. 

5. Christopher Hirata: (IQ- 225):

Christopher Hirata

 American cosmologist and astrophysicist Christopher Michael Hirata has an alleged IQ of 225. Hirata earned a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad in 1996 at the age of 13. From the age of 14 to 18, he was in Cal tech studying Physics. At the age of 16, Hirata was researching for NASA.


6. Leonardo da Vinci: (IQ- 220):

10 Highest IQ Scorers

     Of course, it wasn’t possible for Leonardo da Vinci to take any of the IQ measuring exams. But experts have estimated that Vinci would possibly have an IQ around 220. That is among the highest IQ ever recorded. We all know Vinci is and always will remain among the sharpest minds of humankind. The Italian polymath of the Renaissance didn’t only exceed in drawing, painting, sculpture, music and literature but also science, mathematics, engineering, astronomy, cartography and many other fields.       

7. Kim Ung Yong: (IQ- 210):

10 Highest IQ Scorers

     The former child prodigy Kim Ung-Yong once held the Guinness World Record for highest IQ score which was 210. The, now, South Korean professor learned both the Korean alphabet and 1,000 Chinese characters by the age of one. He could solve calculus problems by the age of three. He also published a best-selling book of his essays in English and German and his calligraphy and illustrations at that age.

8. Edith Stern: (IQ – 200+):

10 Highest IQ Scorers

    Edith Mendel Stern was born in 1952 and only at 11 months, she could communicate with cards. She entered college at the age of 12 and she started to teach trigonometry four years later. Her IQ score is estimated to be more than 200. She has a PhD in Mathematics. 

9. Nathan Leopold: (IQ- 200) :

10 Highest IQ Scorers

    Nathan Freudenthal Leopold Jr. was a student at the University of Chicago and he had an alleged IQ score of 200. There is no doubt that Nathan was intelligent. But he along with Richard Albert Loeb shocked everyone when they were found guilty for kidnapping and murdering 14-year-old Bobby Franks in Chicago. Both of them were sentenced to life imprisonment plus 99 years. This incident became an inspiration for many movies and plays including Patrick Hamilton’s 1929 play Rope which later inspired Alfred Hitchcock’s film of the same name.  

10. Christopher Langan: (IQ-200):

  10 Highest IQ Scorers

       Born in 1952, Christopher Michael Langan has an estimated IQ score of between 195 to 200. The independent scholar is known for developing the theory of the relationship between mind and reality.




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