10 Helpful Web Services

You can find pretty much everything on the internet these days. There are some useful websites or apps you might be not aware of. Every web service can be helpful in certain situations for certain people. Such as Google Translate or ManualsLib, a website where you can find a manual for pretty much any product. Down below we are listing 10 Helpful Web Services that can be useful for most people.

10 Helpful Web Services

1. WhatFontIs:
On WhatFontIs one can find the font that they have seen and loved on a certain website or picture. It helps you to identify fonts from any image. It’s free and gives great service at a great speed. This web service is especially useful for designers, bloggers, advertisers, web developers and photographers. And it’s also very easy to use. You first upload the image or you indicate the picture URL and then the service will do its job. Then you find out which font it is. If that wasn’t the match then you can choose from the many alternatives that the service will provide you.

2. Ookla Speedtest &
Ookla Speedtest & both services are used to test the speed of one’s internet connection. These sites are easy to use and free. It’s always good to know the worth of the service you’re paying for

3. Mailinator:
These days whenever we try to sign up for a new service it will ask for our email address. And the next thing you know, your email is flooding with spams. Mailinator provides you with a temporary email address that will automatically be destroyed after a few hours. So if you don’t want to give your email to some random website, Mailinator is a great way to go.

4. Print-Friendly:
Print-Friendly can be very helpful especially for students. If you want to print any webpage but don’t want those ads, navigation, and other unnecessary elements, then Print-Friendly will remove those. It will take any webpage and style it to be more appropriate for printing.

5. BugMeNot:
Another useful website for the ones who don’t want to reveal their emails. Especially if you don’t want to be bugged repeatedly to sign up for websites. To access a website BugMeNot provides users with usernames and passwords instead of creating new logins.

6. is a great website that anyone can use to find similar pictures by uploading their choice of images. Also, check out where you can find thousands of free stock photos of great quality.

7. Memrise:
Memrise is a place for people who love to learn new things. It is especially great for learning new languages. It combines learning with gaming making it far from boring. It is will make you cross one step at a time making it really helpful. But if your interest lies in learning coding check out, one of the best places to learn to code online.

8. Can I Stream It:
There are so many streaming platforms right now. It can be confusing for one to find where their favourite shows are streaming. All you have to do is just enter the name of the TV show or movie you want to watch. Can I Stream It will give you the names of all the places it can be streamed, bought, downloaded, or even rented online.

9. Online Video Converter:
If you are having difficulties playing certain videos on certain platforms then Online Video Converter can be helpful. It will help you by converting those videos to a compatible format. It allows its users to upload videos up to 100MB large and convert them to MP4. Also check out, a great place where you’ll find unlimited free videos that you can use wherever you want.

10. Get Notify:
Get Notify can be very useful if you actually use emails a lot. Get Notify tracks whether the emails that you sent were opened and read by the receiver and it also provides you with the recipient’s IP Address, location, browser details, and more.

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