10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 1

10 Fun Facts About The World’s Lesser-Known Nations

Our world is a crazy place, where interesting things happen every day. While we always get the news of interesting happenings of the popular nations, the lesser-known nations always get unnoticed. Did you know that Samoa officially recognized transsexual people as a third gender long ago around the early 20th century! or Tematangi Atoll in French Polynesia is the antipode of Mecca. Meaning no matter which direction you face in the country, you’ll be facing Mecca.
How about the fact that Guatemala has 23 native languages and Greenland can’t join FIFA because of its extreme weather conditions where grass can’t grow. If you didn’t know these facts, here are 10 Fun Facts About The World’s Lesser-Known Nations that you probably didn’t know either.

Fun Facts About The World’s Lesser-Known Nations

1. The Tiny Island Nation, Niue Features Disney Characters and Star Wars Characters On Their Coins-

10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 2
The tiny Polynesian island of Niue features in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has about 1,200 residents. It maintains a relationship with New Zealand. New Zealand’s mint creates Niue’s coins. These coins feature Disney characters, Star Wars characters and Pokemons. New Zealand Dollar is also legal. Those coins worth $25 in Niue’s currency, but the actual value of those coins are much higher. This is not the only fun fact about Niue though. The small country is also the world’s first and only WiFi nation.

2. Tuvalu Negotiated a 12-year $50m Lease Contract For Its Internet Domain, .tv. –

10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 3
Tuvalu couldn’t join the United Nations because it couldn’t afford the $100,000 entrance fee. The first time when domain names were distributed to countries Tuvalu got the abbreviation of .tv. Tuvalu negotiated a 12-year $50m lease contract for its domain in 2000 and again in 2011. Tuvalu used the profits on electricity, on creating scholarships and ultimately join the UN. Tuvalu suffers from growing financial difficulties.

3. Nauru Has The Most Overweight Population & It Doesn’t Have a Capital:

10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 4
Although Yaren is Nauru’s largest city, the country doesn’t have a capital city. Nauru is also the fattest nation in the world. It has the most overweight population with over 95% of its population being overweight, in the world. Weirdly, it doesn’t even have a McDonald’s.

4. Yap In Micronesia Uses Giant Carved Stones As a Form of Currency-

10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 5
One of the islands called Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia uses the 8,000 lb limestone discs known as Raj, as currency. The values of the stones are determined through several factors, including their size, the intricacy of their carvings, and how many lives were lost bringing them to the island from Palau. Of course, these are not used for regular purchase anymore but rather for traditional purposes.

5. The Marshall Islands Might Get Flooded As a Result of Climate Change:

10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 6
If climate change doesn’t stop then there is a big chance that many islands might drown. These include the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean which are the most endangered island nation and have the highest risk of flooding. It won’t be the only place though many other lands including Indonesia’s capital Jakarta also carries the risk.

6. Niger Has The Most Youthful Population:
10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 7

In 2013, about 50.09% of Niger’s population was under the age of 14. Comparing to other nation, Germany and Japan have just 13% of its population under 14. This way, Niger has the most youthful population on earth. Also, Niger was home to the most isolated tree. Called the Tree of Ténéré, small acacia tree was separated from any other trees by 250 miles. But unfortunately, it was knocked down by a truck driver.

7. Papua New Guinea Is The Most Linguistically Diverse Country:

10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 8
With 851 individual languages listed and having only 6.5 million residents, Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse country in the world. Of those 851 individual languages, 12 have gone extinct. The country has about 12% of the world’s spoken languages, although its official language is English.

8. Paintings of Penises Are Common In Bhutan:

10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 9
According to the beliefs of the Bhutanese, the image of a penis helps fertility, offers protection from evil and dispels spiteful gossip. The painting can be seen on the walls of their homes and hanging from the eaves of their houses. Bhutan is also unique for another thing. It is the only country to measure happiness instead of GDP. The Gross National Happiness has been used since 1972 in Bhutan. And it has inspired the UN General Assembly to place “happiness” on the global development agenda.

9. Kiribati Is The Only Country To Fall Into All Four Hemispheres:

10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 10
The only country in the world to fall into all four hemispheres is Kiribati. It extends into the eastern and western hemispheres while residing in the equator. It was the first country to witness the dawn of the third millennium on 1st January 2000. The country comprises of numerous small islands spread throughout the Pacific Ocean.

10. Many Roads In Guam Are Made of a Coral-oil Mixture:

10 Fun Facts About The World's Lesser-Known Nations 11
Because the island nation doesn’t have a supply of natural sand, they often used a coral-oil mixture to build roads. These roads become very dangerous in summer as the oil tends to float to the surface making the roads slippery. The speed limit of the island is limited to just 35 mph to avoid accidents.

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