10 Foods You Must Try In New York

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10 Foods You Must Try In New York

As New York is such a diverse city you will find a range of food carts and restaurants offering food belonging to various cultures and regions from around the world. New York is well known for its delicious food from the iconic New York Pizza to the Tacos to the food trucks with so much to offer and of course the yummy desserts. Without trying the local foods, your trip to the Big Apple won’t be complete, so, here are 10 Foods You Must Try In New York.


1. New York Pizza:

Whether it’s the mineral composition of the city’s tap water that makes New York’s pizza special or any secret ingredient, you can’t leave New York without trying its iconic pizza. Pizza is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about food in NYC. The dough with its pliable texture and unique taste, New York offers some of the best pizza you can find in the States. From the Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn to Lombardi’s and Grimaldi’s offers some of the tastiest pizzas in the city.

2. Bagels and Lox:

New York definitely has its Bagel game on point but Bagels and Lox from Russ & Daughters is a favorite among locals and tourist. Consisting of lox, smoked fish, cream cheeses, this bagel is perfect to satisfy your appetite and your tastebuds.

3. Shackburger & A Bec:

Shake Shack’s Shackburger has become a popular delight among locals in NYC. Featuring Pat LaFrieda beef, Martin’s potato roll, and top-secret ShackSauce, Shackburger is something you can not miss. Another popular item in New York’s food scene is a BEC, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. It’s easy to find and very popular among foodies.

4. Ramen:

Ramen has quickly become one of the most popular foods in New York. Pretty much every ramen noodle soup in New York offers its own variation of the Japanese staple food. Totto Ramen, ROKC and Jin Ramen are some of the best places to enjoy ramen in New York.

5. Oysters:

There are a number of great places to enjoy oysters in New York. From East Coast Oysters to the Oysters at Grand Central Oyster Bar and Oyster Pan Roast at The John Dory, you can choose any place you want and get a taste of the famous Oyster dishes in New York.

6. Knishes:

A Knish is a thick and dense dough that is baked, grilled or deep-fried. Potato knishes with spicy brown mustard are the most popular ones but you can also find other vegetables like mushroom and spinach in the dough. You can find Knishes in most diners in the city.

7. New York cheesecake:

Once you have tasted an authentic New York cheesecake, every other cheesecake will taste dull compared to it. New York has many famous desserts but its staple cheesecake definitely takes the crown. Junior’s is a great place to taste a piece of one of these.

8. Hot Dogs:

Hot dogs in New York is as popular as its yellow taxis. There are many ways, various places serve Hot Dogs in the city. The classic all-beef wiener topped with sauerkraut or sauteed onions and spicy brown mustard can be found in any block. But Gray’s Papaya, Papaya King, and The NoMad Bar serve some of the best Hot Dogs you can have.

9. Pastrami on Rye:

The famous Jewish deli, Katz’s Delicatessen is known for being the best place to have Pastrami. Its Pastrami on Rye is completed with a pile of hand-carved beef pastrami, yellow mustard, and freshly baked rye bread. It’s definitely one of the best local foods in New York.

10. Meat Over Rice:

You can find this tasty treat in any sidewalk carts across the city but if you want the best, you have to go to The Halal Guys. They serve Middle Eastern-inspired and Halal food. They are especially famous for their mouthwatering sauces like the white and hot sauces like the red chilli sauce and platters featuring gyro, falafel.

Of course, there are a lot more than these dishes New York has to offer. Like the Shawarma platter that you can get at any halal cart. Falafel from Mamoun’s Falafel, Dim Sum, Cronut, Black and White Cookies, and Rainbow Cookies are some of the other foods that you should try. Chicken and Waffles is another famous dish in New York that you can try at Amy Ruth’s. Try the firey cocktails in Manhattan, Pork Buns Steak and Of course Tacos.



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