10 Fascinating Mysteries Of The Universe 1

10 Fascinating Mysteries Of The Universe

The big bang occurred 13.8 billion years ago and since then the cosmos has been unfolding so many fascinating mysteries. The universe is made of so many visible and mostly invisible forces that there is a possibility that might never find out the answers of all those questions that pops up in every few whiles. From how the universe came to existence to how its gonna end, from alien life to what was before the big bang theory, whenever scientists find the answers to a question about the mysterious universe, it comes with several other new questions. So, on this list, we are going to talk about 10 Fascinating Mysteries Of The Universe that still puzzle our minds.

10 Fascinating Mysteries Of The Universe

1.Extraterrestrial Life:

10 Fascinating Mysteries Of The Universe 2

Extraterrestrial Life or Extraterrestrial intelligence has been a matter of debates from ancient times. It has become a central theme of science fictions. The universe is vast, there is more we don’t know about the universe than we do. There are thousands of galaxies out there in our known universe. And many of these galaxies have the potential to hold life. According to astrophysicist Frank Drake even only one in a billion planets have intelligent life, then there must be over 6 billion planets with intelligence on them.

The Fermi Paradox refers to the apparent difference between the lack of evidence and various high possibility calculations of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations elsewhere in the universe. We have found several ‘Earth-like’ planets with Suns like stars but we’ve not found any life. There are many theories from intelligent life is exceptionally rare or short-lived, to the notion that alien species are purposefully avoiding detection.


2. Antimatter:

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The imbalance between matter and antimatter in the visible universe presents one of the great unsolved problems in physics. According to modern physics, matter and antimatter are created at the same time by the same event. And the process by which this inequality between matter and antimatter particles developed is called baryogenesis. Particle and its anti-particle have the same mass but the opposite charge. And if a collision occurs between any particle and its anti-particle partner it will lead to their mutual annihilation. This collision gives birth to various proportions of intense gamma rays, neutrinos and releases energy. When Antimatter particles bind with each other, they form antimatter. Comparing to the normal matter present in the universe, there should be much more antimatter around us.


3. Dark Matter & Dark Energy:

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Dark Matter & Dark Energy are two different things that rule the universe and puzzle our minds with many questions. According to scientists, Dark matter is a form of matter which accounts for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe and about a quarter of its total energy density. The universe contains only 5% ordinary matter and energy which is visible to us.

The non-visible matter and energy are Dark Matter & Dark Energy which covers 27% and 68% of the universe’s total mass-energy. Together dark energy and dark matter constitute 95% of the total mass-energy of the universe. Apart from the fact that dark matter acts like a spider’s web holding the galaxies together, we don’t know much about it. Dark energy is even more powerful and is capable of tearing the entire universe asunder. Dark energy is said to be the reason behind the rapid expanding of the universe.


4. The Beginning of the Universe:

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Time is a mystery itself and the time of the birth when the universe was born is even more debatable. Big Bang theory is the common theory which talks about the massive expansion of all matter and energy from a single point. But it still doesn’t cover all the questions. How the bang exactly started or if there was something before the big bang. All the matter and energy that caused the bang, where did they come from? Then there’s the question of God. Physics even assume that time did not exist before the Big Bang so there might be no beginning or before.


5. End of the Universe:

10 Fascinating Mysteries Of The Universe 6

Everything which is born eventually dies. There are a lot of theories out there explaining how the universe might end. There is the possibility that the universe will keep expanding until the gravity will eventually catch up with all the matter, and the universe will slow down and fall back into a single point, sparking another big bang, this theory is called the ‘Big Crunch’. According to another theory, due to the decline of baryons and protons, the universe will simply fade out. According to researchers, baryons and protons which build up the matters in the universe don’t seem to be being created naturally anymore. There are also other theories like The Big Freeze, The Big Bounce and The Big Rip.


6. Quantum Entanglement:

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Quantum Entanglement is a physical phenomenon that breaks several laws of physics that scientists used to thought were unbreakable. Albert Einstein mentioned it as ‘spooky action at a distance’. This wonder occurs when two particles in completely separate parts of the universe can be connected with each other, mirroring the behaviour and state of their partner. Quantum Entanglement causes particles to connect by sending signals to one another that travel faster than the speed of light. Some particles getting affected by something happening across such vast distances was thought to be impossible. But quantum entanglement does exist although we don’t know much about it yet.


7. The Multiverse:

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We live on a planet, that’s a tiny part of a massive galaxy which is a little member of a humongous universe. We’ve only explored 0.1% of this universe yet. The possibility of multiple universes, beyond our own, is very much real. If the multiverse is real that will mean an unlimited number of civilisations, histories, and versions living on an infinite number of universes. But the multiverse theory is very much controversial and even if it’s real then it will take us at least a few more decades to conclude.


8. Cosmic Rays:

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Cosmic rays are a form of high-energy radiation originating outside the Solar System. Usually, our atmosphere protects us from these particles. Outside of our atmosphere, these rays can affect both human beings and electronics. Although they are not very harmful to us but electronics. Cosmic rays can produce showers of secondary particles that sometimes reach the surface of the earth and can seriously affect electronics. These cosmic rays mainly originate either from the sun or from outside of our solar system. Sometimes they even come from distant galaxies originating from the supernova explosions of stars.


9. Space Roar:

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So the popular fact is that space is silent but there have been times when many odd radio signals were detected. But its the origin of those radio waves that is mysterious. They could be the leftover radiation from early stars, they could be originating from the gasses swirling around galaxy clusters or they could even be the galaxies themselves. Wherever it’s coming from, Space roar remains a mystery.


10. Black Holes:

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The origin of black holes might be interesting, but it would be even more interesting if you could find what does exactly resides on the other side of those massive black holes. Black holes are residents of space that has such a strong force of gravity that even light can’t escape from it. There are millions of black holes out in the universe, in fact, our galaxy only is estimated to have around 100 million black holes. But the question of what would happen if you fall into a black hole has remained a mystery. Theoretically, anyone who falls into a black hole would be ‘spaghettified’. But what if someone survives. That person can learn everything from the birth of the universe to getting transported in a different universe. The possibilities are endless.

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