10 Facts To Know About Billie Eilish 1

10 Facts To Know About Billie Eilish

One of today’s rising superstars, Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell has taken the music world by storm with her edgy personality and unique voice. The young singer-songwriter and dancer was born on December 18, 2001, in Highland Park, Los Angeles. The broke into the scene in 2016 with her single “Ocean Eyes”. Here are 10 Facts To Know About Billie Eilish the rising singing star.  

1. She was in a children’s choir & has been writing since she was 11:

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    Daughter of Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, Billie is of Irish and Scottish descent. She joined the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus at age eight. She was homeschooled and she took particular interest in dancing and singing from a very young age. She began writing songs at the age of only 11 and her elder brother Finneas O’Connell was already writing, performing, and producing his own songs with his band at that time.

2. “Ocean Eyes”:

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At the age of just 18, Billie has seven gold and three platinum singles in the United States. Billie came to limelight through the song “Ocean Eyes”. She released the single in 2016 on SoundCloud and it went viral overnight. The song was written by Billie’s brother, Finneas for his band. She originally recorded the song so that her dance teacher could choreograph a contemporary dance to it. The siblings ended up liking the song so much that they uploaded it. The song ranked in more than 250 million streams on Spotify. The song was certified platinum by the RIAA.

3. Billie & Her brother Are Partners In Making Music:

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    Billie and her brother Finneas collaborate on songwriting. Finneas produces her music and also performs with her on live shows. Finneas has stated in interviews that, when he writes songs for his sister, he aims to write them thinking she’ll relate to and enjoy singing them. Her debut album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go released in March 2019. The album made her the first artist born in the 2000s to have a number one album in the United States as well as the youngest female ever to have a number one album in the UK. 


4. She Has An Unique Style :

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    Billie Eilish is not only known for singing and her records such as being the first artist born in the 2000s and the youngest artist since Lorde to have a number-one single, but also her streetwear-like style. Eilish has stated that she likes dressing out of her comfort zone to feel like she grabs the attention of everyone. She likes to wear clothing opposite to what others are wearing. In 2019, when Eilish appeared for the Calvin Klein ad, she stated that she dresses in baggy clothes in order to prevent people from body-shaming her.


5. She has Tourette syndrome:

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   Billie has stated that she was raised vegetarian, she never used drugs or smoked, and she has Tourette syndrome and has experienced depression. In 2018, a video surfaced online of Billie dealing with a variety of physical tics. After that, she opened up about her syndrome.

6. Her first song was about zombies:

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    When Eilish wrote her first song called “Fingers Crossed”, she was only 11. The song is about dealing with what’s left of the world following a zombie apocalypse. It was inspired by the show “The Walking Dead”. She actually was a more dedicated dancer and chose to record when her dance teacher asked her to. She even had a serious injury while dancing. But Eilish has stated that she always loved to sing.


7. She loves Justin Bieber, The Office & Horror Movies:

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    Billie has said that since she was about 12, she loved Justin Bieber. Billie stated “That was like my first love. That was the person I was in love with, in my head he was in love with me, it was like a relationship with a person,” in an interview. She has also said that The Office is her all-time favourite show. She even used samples from the episode “Threat Level Midnight” in her song, “My Strange Addiction.” She also adores horror movies. She loves American Horror Story, Gets Out and The Babadook. She often takes inspiration from TV shows and movies for her songs.

8. She Has A Creative Family:

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    Billie’s mom and brother were always writing songs and singing around her and her father spent many hours playing the piano and ukulele. Billie comes from a creative family, both of her parents Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell are in the entertainment industry. They are both actors and screenwriters. Billie has also talked about her influences including the Beatles, Green Day, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey.


9. She Has Been vocal about issues she cares for:

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    From women’s right to how voting is important, Eilish has been vocal about the issues she cares for. She appeared in a campaign with the mayor of Los Angeles to try to get young people to register to vote in 2018. She has also spoken up about the U.S. changing the abortion laws, saying women should have the choice to do whatever they want with their bodies

10. Her Songs Made It To 13 Reasons Why:

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      Both of Billie’s songs “bored” and “lovely,” which she made with Khalid featured on 13 Reasons Why. 

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