10 Eerie Abandoned Places In The World

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10 Eerie Abandoned Places In The World

Abandoned places can be stunning and creepy at the same time with their rustic nature but when you think about the people that used to live there with their family and friends, it can also bring a certain nostalgia and aura to those places. There are many abandon locations scattered throughout our world. Down below we are listing 10 creepy abandoned places in the world.

Eerie Abandoned Places In The World

1. I.M. Cooling Tower, Belgium:

Built-in 1921 once one of the largest coal-burning power plants in Belgium, Power Plant IM is located in Monceau-sur-Sambre, within the Belgian town of Charleroi. The cooling tower introduced hot water to the structure, where it then cooled while dropping down hundreds of small concrete dips and slats. Reportedly, the Power Plant IM was responsible for 10% of the total CO2 emissions in Belgium. Due to a lot of protests and negative attention, the plant was closed in 2007.

2. Kolmanskop, Namibia:

Located in southern Namibia, the famous ghost town of Namibia was once one of the richest towns in Africa. In the early 1900s, German settlers realized that the area was rich in diamonds making it one of the booming towns. But after WWI, circumstances changed, the diamond field began to deplete and richer diamond deposits were found farther south. The town was left abandoned by its residents in the following decades.

3. 102-Year-Old Floating Forest in Sydney, Australia:

Many 20th century ships after WW2, which are no longer used, ended up at the Homebush Bay in Sydney, one of them, the SS Ayrfield. The SS Ayrfield served as a collier and would transport the supplies to American troops in the Pacific Ocean. Now, this ship-wreck graveyard has become a haunting floating forest.

4. Buzludzha Monument, Kazanlak, Bulgaria:

The UFO-looking monument is the former house of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Buzludzha Peak in central Bulgaria, it was in use from 1981 until 1991. After the Soviet Union fell, it became a ghostly abandoned site.

5. Hashima Island, Nagasaki, Japan:

Also known as Battleship Island, Hashima Island was once known as the most densely populated place on Earth. The now abandoned offshore mining facility was home to over 5000 miners. But as petrol began to replace coal as Japan’s main source of fuel the island was abandoned by its residents.

6. Pripyat, Ukraine:

Located in northern Ukraine, Pripyat is well known for the reason of its abandoned. The ghost city was established on Feb. 4th, 1970 near the border of Belarus as a Soviet nuclear city. After the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster, the city was immediately evacuated and all of its residents who worked in the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Pripyat remains as one of the most radioactive ghost towns that can only be visited through guided tours.

8. Craco, Italy:

Craco was a small hill town in Basilicata, Italy. The town came into existence in 540 AD. But poor agriculture, landslides, floods, various calamities, plagues and the unstable location of the town became the reason for its fall. And Craco was abandoned totally by the 1990s. The last 1800 citizens were shifted to a valley in a different area. The town can be seen featuring in movies now.

9. Gouqi Island, China:

This one is rather one of the greenest, beautiful and unique places than creepy. Lush buildings covered in greenery and ivy, the abandoned fishing village is often referred to as the greenest village on earth. Since, Shipbuilding, light industry, tourism, service, and other industries grew to be the major contributors of local economic output in this region of China, many fishing villages were abandoned. For now, nature has taken over this fishing village.

10. Dundas Castle, New York:

The Dundas Castle in Roscoe, New York was designed by architect Bradford L. Gilbert for his Scottish wife, Anna Dundas. But unfortunately, Gilbert died even before the castle was completed. Dundas committed herself to a sanatorium following the events. There are rumors that the ghost of Dundas that roams through the halls of the abandoned castle.


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