10 Dishes To Try In Prague

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For its size, Czechia has a lot to offer especially its capital Prague. A lot of people are not a fan of the food in Prague. But it is certainly delicious and warming. From the traditional Czech cuisine & beer to famous dishes like Tatarák and delicious soups such as Kulajda and Zelňačka. Some popular dishes including Gingerbread Wiener Sausages, Koprovka, and Moravian wine are a must-try in the city. Traditional dishes like Bramborák, Pražská šunka & Maso, Halušky, and Koleno reflect the country’s friendly nature. Along with dishes like Carp, Schnitzel, and Trdelník here are 10 more Dishes To Try In Prague.

10 Dishes To Try In Prague

1 .Trdelník:

10 Dishes To Try In Prague 1

Trdelník or chimney cake is a popular snack to try in Prague. The dish has several origins. It was known as a Slovak dish in the 19th century. But a similar dish was popular Transylvania. This pastry dish is a kind of spit cake. Grilled on a stick and topped with sugar and walnut mix this dish does give you the bohemian feeling of Prague.  

2. Chlebíčky:

10 Dishes To Try In Prague 2

    Obložené chlebíčky or simply Chlebíčky is an open sandwich. This dish is also popular in Poland and Slovakia. This appetizer dish is available in various toppings. Cucumber, egg, salami, cheeses, cream cheese and ham are some of the most common toppings of the dish. For the garnish vegetables such as bell pepper, pickle, tomato, radish and parsley.

3. Guláš:

10 Dishes To Try In Prague 3

 Although Guláš is often recognized as a traditional Hungarian dish, the Guláš or goulash available in Prague is a bit different but equally delicious. The Guláš of Czechia is much milder with fewer vegetables and more meat, commonly beef. It is served with the popular Czech bread dumplings, houskové knedlíky sometimes made with beer,        

4. Grilované klobásy:

10 Dishes To Try In Prague 4

Grilované klobásy is a basic dish that packs a punch. It’s grilled sausages served with a bunch of different sauces. But those sauces will make your mouth water. It’s simple yet delicious and very popular.

5. Palačinky:

10 Dishes To Try In Prague 5

    Origin from the Roman Empire, Palačinky or Palatschinke might remind you of crêpe. These pancakes are served as desserts comes in various toppings and versions including savoury.  

6. Svíčková & Dumplings:

10 Dishes To Try In Prague 6

    Svíčková or svíčková na smetaně is one of the most popular dishes in Czechia. The traditional dish is served with houskové knedlíky. Vegetables, black pepper, allspice, bay leaf and thyme, cream all are used to prepare this dish. In Czechia, dumplings are very popular and included in many dishes. You will find tasty dumplings of various kind in every shop and deli in the city including the savoury and fruit dumplings.   

7. Koleno & Vepřo-knedlo-zelo:

10 Dishes To Try In Prague 7

   Koleno or pork knuckle and Vepřo knedlo zelo also a pork dish, are two of the most popular dishes in Czechia. Pork knuckles are served with horseradish, mustard, and pickled vegetables and made with herbs and beer. It is not the prettiest dish to look at but certainly among the tastiest. Vepřo-knedlo-zelo is made with pork loin roasted in onion and caraway gravy. It is mostly served over sauerkraut with a side of the knedlíky.  

8. Vuřty na černém pivu & Pečená kachna se zelím:

10 Dishes To Try In Prague 8

     Vuřty na černém pivu and Pečená kachna se zelím both are simple dishes but yet very tasty and quite heavy, but not as complicated as its name. Vuřty na černém pivu is a simple sausage dish with beer. It’s juicy and quite rich as most Czechian dishes. Pečená kachna se zelím is also a meat dish. It is made with duck leg and served with sweet boiled cabbage and a heap of bread dumplings.

9. Smažený Sýr & Kremrole:

10 Dishes To Try In Prague 9

     Smažený Sýr means fried cheese and it is one of the most delicious dishes you would find in Prague. It is one of the most common street foods that you can find in almost every food corner in the city. Also, do try the pickled cheese in Prague. Kremrole is another tasty dish you can have as a snack in Prague. The crispy puff pastry is stuffed with meringue or flavoured cream.

10. Koláče & Knedlíky:

10 Dishes To Try In Prague 10

      Fruit surrounded by puffy dough, Koláče has become quite popular even outside of Europe. Koláče is a delicious dessert before recognized as semisweet wedding dessert. Ovocné knedlíklys are boiled fruit dumplings. This traditional Czechia dessert is among the most popular and tasty dishes you can try in Prague. They’re filled with fruit and served with some butter and or curd cheese. 



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