10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make 1

10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make

10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make

Geography can be tricky. Even with such easy access to pretty much all the information, we could need, there is still a lot of misconception or confusion that we believe in. For example, a lot of people think that Oceania and Australasia are the same, but they are totally different. Oceania is a region, sometimes referred to as a continent and it is way larger than Australasia and consists of thousands of islands. While Australasia is a part of Oceania along with Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Here are more 10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make:

Common Geography Mistakes People Make

1. Russia and Turkey Are The Only Countries On Two Continents-

10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make 2


A lot of people think that Russia and Turkey are the only two countries that lie in two continents. Geologists say, the boundary between Asia-Europe, Caucasus watershed also cuts through Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. Egypt is also a transcontinental country. The Suez Canal, the dividing line between Asia and Africa, cuts through Egypt. Making the Sinai Peninsula, a small part of Egypt, falling on the other side of the canal that is formally known as Asia.

2. Cape Town Is The Only Capital Of South Africa-

10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make 3

Cape Town is the capital of South Africa but not the only one. South Africa is one of those few countries that have more than one capital cities. South Africa has a total of three capital, Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa. The other two are Pretoria, the administrative capital and Bloemfontein, the judicial capital of South Africa.

3. Great Britain and The United Kingdom Is The Same Country-

10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make 4

This is a confusion that has bothered many. But no Great Britain and the United Kingdom are not the same. The official name of the UK is the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. Great Britain is a part of the United Kingdom and in fact, it’s the largest island of the UK that consists of England, Scotland and Wales. While the United Kingdom is a sovereign country that includes the countries England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

4. Greenland Is Bigger Than Africa-

10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make 5

There are a lot of misconceptions about Greenland, the first will be that it’s Green, Nope, mostly covered in ice. The second one is that Greenland is bigger than Africa or at least the same size as Africa. Africa is much larger than Greenland. Africa covers 11,730,000 square miles, while Greenland is only 836,300 square miles. Another thing about Greenland that people get confused about is that, it’s an independent country. Greenland does enjoy a great deal of freedom but it is an autonomous constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark.

5. The South Pole Is In Antarctica:

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This one is kind of right, but you have to be specific as there are four different South Poles on the continent. The geographic South Pole is the bottom part of the earth’s axis, the Inaccessible South Pole is where Antarctica is farthest from the shoreline, the Geomagnetic South Pole is where the geomagnetic field intersects the Earth’s surface and then there is the Magnetic South Pole where Earth’s magnetic fields intersect the crust and the Magnetic South Pole is also the one that’s always moving.

6. Krakatoa Is East of Java:

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This misconception started mainly after the 1883 movie East of Java, which was about the eruption that caused the loudest sound ever heard on earth. But in reality, Krakatoa is off the west coast of Java.

7. Norway Is The Northernmost Country In The World-

10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make 8

A lot of people think that the Kingdom of Norway is the northernmost country but in reality, Norway is the fourth most northern nation. Greenland is the northernmost country with its Kaffeklubben Island being the world’s most northern land. Greenland is followed by Canada, Russia and Norway respectively.

8. Holland & The Netherlands Are The Same-

10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make 9

Many people call the Netherlands Holland, but they are not the same. The Netherlands is a country but and Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland are two of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. So, Holland is basically a region of the Netherlands which is home to some major cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

9. New York is Home to The Statue of Liberty-

10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make 10

When we say New York, one of the first few things that pop up in our minds is the iconic Statue of Liberty. But in reality, the island that the Statue of Liberty situated at is in New Jersey’s waters and is much closer to Jersey’s mainland than New York’s. So, geographically the Statue of Liberty on Liberty island falls under New Jersey’s borders.

10. The Confusion Of Slovenia & Slovakia:

10 Common Geography Mistakes People Make 11

The two countries Slovenia & Slovakia have a lot in common such as they are both located in Eastern Europe, both were ruled over by communists, both are small countries and have flags that are made of three horizontal stripes in red, white, and blue, decorated with a shield on their left and both of the countries were born from dividing other countries. Slovenia split from Yugoslavia in June 1991 and 2 years later Slovakia rose from Czechoslovakia.

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