10 Best Short Films By Pixar 1

10 Best Short Films By Pixar

 Pixar has been showing its original short movies along with its full-length movies since A Bug’s Life. They began making shorts in the 1980s. Pixar has also created extra shorts for each of their films that is not part of the main story. Before starting the lists we’d like the mention the shorts One Man Band, The Blue Umbrella, Luxo Jr., Lou, Lava, Tin Toy, Lifted and Boundin’ as honorable mentions. Now, here are the 10 Best Short Films By Pixar that can do more in 5 minutes than some movies do in hours.

10 Best Short Films By Pixar

1. Piper –

10 Best Short Films By Pixar 2

    ‘Piper’ is a great example of how far have Pixar come with their animation. One of the most stunning animation movies, Piper looks like a postcard picture. Piper also comes with a realistic and heart-touching story line. Released alongside Finding Dory, Piper is about a sanderling sandpiper named piper. The movie shows how piper overcomes her fears and setbacks and learns from her fellow creatures. And it also shows a great example of good parenting.

2. Day and Night –

10 Best Short Films By Pixar 3

   Day and Night was released along with Toy Story 3. The amazing movie is as creative as smart and it smartly uses aspects of nature and life to convey emotions. When Day and Night met, they were uncomfortable with each other but they slowly adjust to it and join together to listen to the philosophical wanderings of Dr Wayne Dyer.

3. Geri’s Game –

10 Best Short Films By Pixar 4

    As Pixar movies are known for their emotional aspects, the Pixar shorts do the same. The 1997 short film Geri’s Game was released along with A Bug’s Life. The movie is about Geri, an elderly sweet, funny, and lonely man. He’s a true chess genius who spends the day playing the game. But the film features a twist that you’ll love when you watch it.

4. Partly Cloudy –

10 Best Short Films By Pixar 5

    Partly Cloudy is another masterpiece by Pixar that will make you laugh and cry for a whole 6 minutes. The heartening story is about friendship, loyalty, learning lesson and how everybody deserves love and a home. 

5. Knick Knack –

10 Best Short Films By Pixar 6


    Knick Knack is a comedy about a snowglobe snowman which like any other Pixar movies has some hilarious scenes. It was released along with the 2003 film Finding Nemo. The snowman who lives in a snowglobe on a shelf truly admires a girl. Snowman tries his best to free himself from the snowglobe and meet the girl of his dreams. But everything goes wrong in the funniest way.

6. Presto –

10 Best Short Films By Pixar 7

    A funny and clever twist on Bugs Bunny. Presto is a stage magician who doesn’t feed his magic hat rabbit probably. So to take revenge the rabbit uses his wizard’s hat for tricks. It is one of the funniest Pixar shorts ever.

7. La Luna –

10 Best Short Films By Pixar 8

    This stunningly gorgeous film is about little Bambino. The delicate score, creative storytelling and that animation will leave in awe and you will only wish if it was longer.

8. Bao –

10 Best Short Films By Pixar 9

    Bao is one of the most heart-wrenching movies. The emotional movie is about a woman who is suffering from empty nest syndrome but everything changes when one of her handmade dumplings springs to life. But the end takes such a turn that it will leave you with the joys and grief of parenthood.

9. For the Birds –

10 Best Short Films By Pixar 10

   For the Birds is a story of how karma can really be a, you know, that. This is one of the most popular Pixar shorts which released along Monsters, Inc. It’s about a bunch of bullying birds large, awkward bird and how the bullying birds get what they deserve at the end. 

10. Sanjay’s Super Team –

10 Best Short Films By Pixar 11

      Written and directed by Sanjay Patel, Sanjay’s Super Team is based on his childhood. The film is about a young boy and his religious father and how they find common ground when Sanjay realizes that his favorite superheroes are not very different from the gods his father is worshiping.

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