10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands

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One of the most unique and beautiful places in the world, the Faroe Islands is an archipelago comprising 18 rocky, volcanic islands with mountains, valleys, grassy heathland, steep coastal cliffs, and little villages with grass-roofed houses. The country has become way easier to visit, you can take a flight or a ferry from its nearby neighbours. It has a small population of 50,000 but it is amazingly diverse as 80 different nationalities are inhabiting the Faroe Islands. The country is home to more sheep than people, 2 sheep per person.Now, here are the 10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands.

Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands:

1. Gasadalur & Mulafossur Waterfall, Vagar:

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands 1

Among the 18 islands of the Faroe Islands, Lítla Dímun is the only uninhabited one. The Vagar island is the most westerly of the large islands. It is the third-largest island following Streymoy and Eysturoy. Located on the west side of Vágar, on the edge of Mykinesfjørður, Gasadalur is a little village in the Faroe Islands. Surrounded by the highest mountains on Vágar, Gasadalur was isolated until 2004. The Mulafossur Waterfall emptying directly into the ocean is breathtakingly beautiful. But the waterfall needs rain to be stronger but it is beautiful any time of the year. Southside of Sørvágsfjørður, west of Vágar in the Faroe Islands, you will find the uninhabited islet of Tindhólmur, one of the best place to explore there.

2. Trælanípa & Lake Sørvágsvatn, Vágar:

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands 2

Leitisvatn or Sørvágsvatn is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands and one of the best places to visit here. The second largest lake of the Faroe Islands, Fjallavatn is also located on Vagar. The Sørvágsvatn lake attracts people from all over the world as it not only offers a breathtaking view of the ocean and a great hike but also creates an illusion of being much higher from the sea. Slave’s Rock or Trælanípa is the best lookout spot at the lake. The hike to the cliffs of Trælanípa & Bøsdalafossur Waterfall, flowing from the lake Sørvágsvatn into the Atlantic ocean, is one of the most popular activities here.

3. Saksun & Vestmanna, Streymoy:

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands 3

Near the northwest coast of Streymoy, Saksun is a beautiful village set high above a tidal lagoon and cradled by rugged fjords. The hillside village is one of the most popular places to visit on Streymoy along with the Saksun Church. The Saksun church and museum offer a unique silence and calmness. In 1858, the church was disassembled and carried over the mountains from Tjørnuvík and relocated in Saksun. You will also find a seventeenth-century farmhouse called Dúvugarður here. Another beautiful village on Streymoy is the Kirkjubøur located on the southernmost part of the Island. One of the highest waterfalls in the Faroe Islands, the Fossá waterfall is located in Northern Streymoy. Another popular attraction on this island is the town Vestmanna best known for its dramatic coast and the Vestmanna bird cliffs.

4. Gjógv, Eysturoy:

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands 4
As most of the 18 islands of the Faroe Islands are connected by road tunnels or ferries or causeways and bridges, a road trip is a great way to explore the islands. Along with the Buttercup routes, the road trip to Tjørnuvík & Gjógv is among the most popular and scenic road trips in the country. Tjørnuvík is the northernmost village located on Streymoy and Gjógv is located on the northeast tip of the island of Eysturoy. Surrounded by the sea-filled gorge, Gjógv is one of the most beautiful villages you’ll ever visit. Tjørnuvík village is a postcard-worthy village surrounded by big mountains and home to a beautiful beach. Tjørnuvík overlooks the two sea stacks just off the northern coast of the island of Eysturoy Risin and Kellingin. Between the villages of Eiði, Gjógv, and Funningur you will find the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands, Slættaratindur at an elevation of 880 metres.

5.  Torshavn, Streymoy:

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands 5

Tórshavn is the capital city of the Faroe Islands located on the island of Streymoy. Tórshavn is best known for its old town, Tinganes, Tórshavn Cathedral, the Nordic House and the shopping strip. The Parliament Jetty in Tinganes, Tórshavn is one of the oldest parliament in the world. Tinganes is a historical town, known as the famous old town, dotted with quaint buildings, wooden turf-roofed houses. Visit the historic fortress, Skansin located on a hill beside the port of Tórshavn. The sea inlet at Sund, a small village north of Tórshavn is a popular attraction. Just 4 km east of Tórshavn is the island Nolsoy, the lowest of the Faroe Islands. Here you will find the beautiful quaint village Nolsoy. Also in Torshavn buses are free.

6.  Kallur Lighthouse, Kalsoy:

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands 6

Kalsoy is among the most isolated islands of the Faroe Islands located between Eysturoy and Kunoy. The island is most famous for the Kallur Lighthouse. Standing on the edge overlooking the sheer cliff, the hike to the lighthouse is nothing less than magical. The hike on the hill along the grass paths is not for inexperienced hikers. Surrounded by vertical rocky cliffs, this lighthouse is a must-visit in the country. Kalsoy is also home to the beautiful and among the less populated villages, Syðradalur. You should also visit the village of Mikladalur and learn about the legend of a selkie/seal woman and also visit the statue.

7.  Mykines:

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands 7

Bird watching is a popular activity on the islands as the cliffs harbours thousands of seabirds and if you are lucky you might get to see the Northern lights too. But if you want to see the famous Puffins you should visit the westernmost island of the archipelago, Mykines. Home to a serene small village, a lighthouse & colonies of puffins. The hike to the Mykines Hólmur Lighthouse is much easier than the other hikes.

8.  Christianskirkja, Klaksvík:

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands 8

The second-largest town in the Faroe Islands, Klaksvík is home to one of the islands most notable modern buildings in the country. The Christianskirkja or Christina’s Church is a modern church building constructed in 1963. The church has a wooden boat hanging from the ceiling and a 4,000-year-old font. Inspired by the old Nordic style, Christianskirkja is among the first major modern churches in Scandinavia. One should also visit the Norðoya Fornminnasavn museum, the Park of Klaksvik, Hálsur lookout and Klakkur peak.

9.  Beinisvord, Suðuroy:

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands 9

Suðuroy is the southernmost of the Faroe Islands and home to one of the highest sea cliffs of the Faroe Islands. Beinisvord located between the villages of Lopra and Sumba is a 470 m high sea cliff and a popular tourists attraction. Craggy vertical cliffs with green slopes facing the sea offer picturesque views. Beinisvord is the highest cliff of its kind on the islands.

10.  Hvíthamar & Ásmundarstakkur:

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands 10

Two of the best places to observe the beautiful and serene views of the Faroe Islands. Overlooking the Funningsfjørður fjord, Hvíthamar is a hill and is located in Sandoy. Near the Gjáarskarð mountain pass, Hvíthamar offers an easy hike with breathtaking views of the jagged mountain peaks, the fjord and the north. The view becomes even more mesmerizing when the mountains get covered by snow. Ásmundarstakkur located in Sandvík is another great lookout point in the country. You have to take a ferry to the sea stack. Once there, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the island Suðuroy.

You can also go horse riding over the tundra, kayaking, hiking from Enniberg to Sigatindur etc. The traditional Faroese cuisine is a must-try. They also host festivals like the G! Festival in Gøta and the Olavsoka Festival.


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