10 Best Places To Travel In September

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 September is the time when much of Europe along with North America feels the warm weather. This is the time when springtime begins in South America. Asian countries such as Japan will be hit by the Autumn season at this time of the year. Also, the countries in the middle east will have milder weather in September. So, September offers a range of places to chose from. Here is our suggestion of 10 Best Places To Travel In September

10 Best Places To Travel In September

1. Newfoundland and Labrador:


    The most easterly province of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador boasts immense natural beauty. The Norse archaeological site, Gros Morne National Park, the Gulf of St Lawrence, Newfoundland is nature lovers paradise. Cliffs, waterfalls and glacial fjords offer many activities and you can also explore places like the Signal Hill citadel which was established in the 17th-century. You can pick blueberries, spot humpbacks and puffins if you’re lucky.  

2. Patagonia:

10 Best Places To Travel In September 1

Shared by Argentina and Chile, Patagonia has the Andes Mountains as its dividing line. The region is especially great for adventurers. The region is dotted with arid steppes, grasslands, deserts, glacial fjords and mild rain forest. In September, you can see the colours of spring in this region. The first penguins also arrive in southern Patagonia to mate at this time. You can also visit the Torres del Paine National Park or join Chile celebrating its independence day on your way out.

3. Loire Valley:


    Located in the middle stretch of the Loire River in central France, the area of Loire Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The little river valley is a natural gem. The soft meadows, multiple chateaux across the landscape, manicured gardens, placid lakes, beautiful villages and vineyards, makes this place worth exploring. You can also attend the annual Vines, Wines and Walks festival that takes place in September.

4. Japan:


    A country in East Asia, Japan will show its colours of autumn in September. The country is less crowded with tourists at this time of the year. The tree leaves will turn gold giving it a picture-perfect appearance. Tokyo, Kyoto and its gardens with sanctuaries are among the best places to spend your September holiday. You can attend the Meguro Kumin Matsuri or Meguro Sun Festival in Meguro.   

5. Peru:


    Located in South America, Peru offers a lot of opportunities for outdoors lovers, especially activities such as trekking and hiking. The summertime will bring clear views of the Andes. Peru is known for its historical sites such as Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and the city of Cusco. Do explore its capital city, Lima a unique blend of modern and classical. 

6. Curacao:


    The Dutch Caribbean island, Curacao hosts one of the major gay Pride celebrations in the Caribbean. The celebration takes place from September 25 to 29 this year. Curacao also boasts some mesmerizing natural beauty. The island is best known for coves and beaches tucked into them, its coral reefs and marine life, its colonial architecture and popular attractions like Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, Queen Emma Bridge and the sand-floored.

7. Zanzibar:


    The semi-autonomous region of Tanzania, Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean. The archipelago consists of many small islands and two large islands. Zanzibar is one of the most underrated places. And if you like white sand beaches and clear electric blue water, then this your place. Visit the Stone Town, the markets in the city, Gothic churches, mosques and Persian hammams. 


8. Ibiza & Formentera:


   Ibiza is a popular destination for party and beach lovers. Located in the Mediterranean Sea is one of the Balearic Islands. The archipelago of Spain is always pretty much full of tourists. But in September you can find a little bit more space. Formentera is another popular place among party lovers. The smallest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, Formentera is reachable by ferry from Ibiza. Formentera is known for its clear waters and beaches decorated with dunes and palm trees.

9. Morocco:


    If you ever wanted to visit this North African country, September is a perfect time. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is known for interesting culture influenced by Berber, Arabian and Europeans. Other times of the year the weather of the country is awfully hot. Marrakesh’s Medina, it’s Djemaa el-Fna square and souks, and Kasbah of the Udayas are few of the popular attractions for tourists.

10. Galway:


      Exploring Galway and Dublin for your September vacation would be perfect. The harbour city of Galway lies where the River Corrib and the Atlantic Ocean meets. The 18th-century Eyre Square and the Latin Quarter are two of the best places to hang out in Galway. This is the time when the Galway International Oyster Festival is hosted. You will see parades and the World Oyster Opening Championships. If you want to extend your holiday from Dublin and Galway then you can visit some other European cities such as Lisbon, Budapest, Munich, Sofia, Sicily or the small country of Albania.  


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