10 Best Pixar Movies

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One of the most successful and innovative animation studios, Pixar is known for making heart touching animated movies. Doesn’t matter if it’s 8 minutes short movie about alive dumplings or a full-length movie about a robot, most of the Pixar movies have that emotional aspect that can make anyone cry. There are movies like Brave, The Good Dinosaur and Monsters University that are not among the best but still enjoyable. Now here are the top 10 Best Pixar Movies that we love.

10 Best Pixar Movies

1. Wall-E:

10 Best Pixar Movies

     Who knew the eyes of a robot could be that heart touching. Wall-E is unarguably one of the best animated movies ever made. Among the destruction of the planet Earth and the devolution of the human race is set a love story between two robots. Without any dialogues, Wall-E shows us how we are much more than just living beings. Wall-E is hands down among the best and original Pixar movies. 


2. The Toy Story Series:

10 Best Pixar Movies

    From the first Toy Story to Toy Story 4, the Toy Story franchise has become one of the best movie franchises ever. Produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures, each and every movie of this franchise has been great if not the best. If we had to rank the four movies from best to not the best, it would be Toy Story, Toy Story 3, Toy Story 4 then Toy Story 2. Pixar’s first feature, Toy Story is like a full and almost perfect package filled with emotions, action sequences, a peek into human nature, and lots of laughs. 


3. Up:

10 Best Pixar Movies

   Those few minutes of Carl and Ellie’s life together are the life of this movie. Those moments can make the coldest heart melt. Up didn’t win an Oscar for no reason. Even after Ellie’s, the way Carl tries to hold onto the things which reminded him of her is just heart touching and relatable. 


4. The Incredibles:

10 Best Pixar Movies

    The Incredibles 2 was not as great as the first part but still enjoyable. The Incredibles directed by Brad Bird is about a family stuck in daily life and white-collar jobs. And how they come together to save our planet from an evil force. The movie never feels rushing or too slow unlike many super-hero movies starring actual human beings. 

5. Finding Nemo & Finding Dory:

10 Best Pixar Movies

    Finding Nemo is among those early movies that earned Pixar the worldwide fame it has today. Many of us remember watching this movie when we were kids. Director Andrew Stanton beautifully portrayed the relationship between the single overprotective father and his young. And then, of course, Dory was such a plus point. And that’s why the directors decided that Dory would be lost in the next movie. But on the brighter side of getting lost, Dory finds her parents. These visually stunning movies about family, friends, loss, and finding one’s self among all the excitement and chaos are just a treat to watch. 

6. Coco:

10 Best Pixar Movies

    Pixar often centres movies around family, Coco is no exception but pleasantly different. The movie is about Miguel and his love for singing. The Oscar-winning movie can be relatable for many of those whose passion goes against their family’s choice. The traditional folk songs, Coco’s journey into the Land of the Dead and learning about his great-great-grandfather creates a heartwarming and magical tale.

7. Monsters  Inc:

10 Best Pixar Movies

     Monsters living like humans, Monsters, Inc is clever, funny, and delightful. The movie is set in a backwards world where monsters are scared of humans. And it is among the best and most entertaining animated movies of all time. 


8. Inside Out:

10 Best Pixar Movies

     Starring all those little voices in your head, Inside Out, is among the best Pixar movies. The movie shows us how without the dull moments of our lives, the happiest would be worthless. Inside Out is among the most clever and innovating animated movies. 

9. Ratatouille:

10 Best Pixar Movies

    Pixar movies are known for their original and innovative ideas and Ratatouille is among them. The story is about a chef who is not that of a good cook and a rat who is better than most chefs. The dazzling movie might lack the emotional depth of other Pixar movies but it sure is entertaining. 

10. Bao:

10 Best Pixar Movies

        We know it’s an eight-minute short film but does that make it even a slightly less emotional, nope. The Academy Award-winning short film is among the best short movies ever made. And Pixar has made several short films and most of them great. But Bao which is about a woman suffering from empty nest syndrome and living dumplings proudly stand out.   


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