10 Best Christmas Destinations In Europe

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Christmas in Europe means everything covered in snow, lit Christmas markets filled with people, Gothic churches with fabulous choirs, and charming medieval squares, everything decorated with colourful lights. Doesn’t matter if you want a grand celebration, a picturesque one or a bit warmer one, Europe has it all. If you want sunnier weather you can head to countries such as Portugal and Spain or Malta. The vibrant mix of twinkling lights, songs and concerts, midnight crowds, and plenty of holiday cheer and the delicious holiday menu make the European countries among the most desirable places to spend the holiday. The holiday lasts from Advent at the beginning of December to Epiphany, which lands on January 6. You will many great Christmas markets in every European country. These markets usually open at the end of November or beginning of December and most close down between December 26 and during the first week of January. If you are looking forward to spending this year’s Christmas in a European country or a city, these 10 Best Christmas Destinations In Europe will give you a chance to enjoy a perfect Christmas. Here are the 10 Best Christmas Destinations In Europe. 

10 Best Christmas Destinations In Europe

1. Germany:


     You will find some of the best, biggest and oldest Christmas markets in Germany. Advent is a huge part of the Christmas celebrations in Germany. Christmas markets mulled wine, and nativity scenes dominate Germany during Christmas. Cologne, Nuremberg, Leipzig, Hamburg, Dresden, Wiesbaden, Erfurt, AachenCoburg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber are the best cities to celebrate Christmas in Germany.

2. Strasbourg – Paris – Colmar, France:


In France, Merry Christmas is ‘Joyeux Noël’ and many towns and cities, like Marseilles, have fairs that sell Nativity figures. You can find many beautiful Traditional French Christmas Markets across the French cities. Strasbourg, Paris and Colmar and also Lyon are the best cities to visit in Christmas in Germany. The 400 years old Christmas markets, the Christmas Markets at the Cathedral Square, the giant Christmas tree near Sharing Village and the decorated city centre of Place Broglie has made Strasbourg the Christmas capital of France.

3. Austria:

    Austria has some really interesting Christmas traditions, from the tree decorated with gold and silver ornaments, stars made out of straws to sweets and candy wrapped in tinfoil and much more. And if you want a picture-perfect Christmas then Austria is the place to be. Vienna, Hallstatt, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Kitzbühel and Graz are the best places to visit in Austria during Christmas.

4. Geneva – Bern – Grindelwald, Switzerland:

Geneva - Bern - Grindelwald, Switzerland

     Switzerland is another perfect Christmas destination. The picturesque mountainous country has many local traditions. From parades and carol singing to ‘Trychle’. Geneva, Bern, Grindelwald, and Montreux are the top places to visit during Christmas in Switzerland. In Christmas, Lake Geneva is lit up with shops, stalls, and a thousand lights. You will find many markets full of pre-Christmas food exhibitors from across the world.

5. Zagreb – Dubrovnik, Croatia:


    Starting on St Catherine’s day, in Croatia, Christmas preparations start pretty early. With Advent wreath made of straw or evergreen twigs and many other traditions, Christmas in Croatia is bright and fun. Zagreb offers a variety of events along with arguably the best Christmas market in Europe. 

6. Italy:


    In Italy, Christmas is celebrated over several weeks. The celebrations start from early December and end on the day of Epiphany. The best places to visit in Italy at Christmas are Milan, Venice, Turin, Val di Sole, Rome, Cortina d’Ampezzo, and Sicily for a warmer one. The Italian cities become extraordinary during Christmas. You can easily find bustling holiday markets, feats, Christmas markets, nativity displays, street fairs and religious services and more.

7. Prague, Czech Republic:


    One of the most ideal destinations in Europe to visit during Christmas in Prague. The undeniably charming city starts with Advent when the city is festively decorated. The historical squares lit up with colourful lights. The Christmas markets in the city are among the best, oldest and cheapest in Europe. 

8. Tallinn, Estonia:

Tallinn, Estonia

    The Christmas market in Tallinn opens from the last week of November to the first week of January. The city of Tallinn becomes even more magical in Christmas hosting one of the best markets in Europe. Its medieval churches, cute shops, and cosy cafés are also decorated with bright lights. The fairy-tale atmosphere in its old town square is one of the best in Europe. You can also explore the special winter programs like Christmas Villages.

9. Kraków – Wroclaw – Poznan, Poland:


    One of the best Christmas destinations in Europe, Poland is home to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. Kraków, Wroclaw and Poznan are the best places to stay in Poland during Christmas. Poznan becomes full of ice, snowflakes and Christmas attractions located on the Old Market Square and Plac Wolności. The Wroclaw Christmas market is regarded as one of the best and one of the most beautiful in Europe. 

10. Budapest, Hungary:


     Visiting the traditional Budapest Christmas Markets, learning about the interesting Hungarian Christmas traditions, attending a Winter Festival are the top things to do in Budapest during Christmas. You can ride the lit Streetcar or skat on the ice rink at Budapest Park or attending the midnight mass at the St Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest has a ton of things to offer. 


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