10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 1

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix

Over the last few years, the anime industry grew a lot and Netflix didn’t take much time to jump on board the animated series trend. Currently, you can find pretty much all kind of anime on Netflix from Pokemon to adult animes like Disenchantment. Cartoons are not only for children anymore. Down below we have listed 10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix that will not only laugh and cry but also think about life.

Best Animated Series

1. Bojack Horseman:

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 2

Bojack Horseman is one of the best series to watch on Netflix. This adult animated series was the first animated series from Netflix. Set in a world where anthropomorphic animals and humans live side-by-side, the series follows the horse named Bojack, a washed-up star of the 1990s sitcom Horsin’ Around. After a decade boozing on his couch and sleeping around, Bojack tries to get back in the limelight while never changing the behaviour that made him a pariah in the first place. This dark comedy will make you think about life while showing destructive patterns that can emerge from years of depression.

2. One-Punch Man:

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 3
A fresh and funny take on the typical superhero story, One Punch Man went viral for a reason. Based on the viral hit manga series of the same name, the anime follows Saitama, a hero who can defeat his enemies with just one punch and who is bored with his own supernatural abilities. Saitama is a man apathetic about life and he fights villains and giant monsters with disrespect since being a hero is his main hobby.

3. Big Mouth:

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 4
Created by comedian Nick Kroll animated coming-of-age comedy manages to remind you about those awkward incidents and moments of puberty while being sweet at the same time. This embarrassing series is almost a perfect presentation of those feelings and questions that roam around in our minds during puberty. With hormone monsters, a shame wizard, and even a few ghosts, Big Mouth is a funny and thoughtful take on young teens and growing up.

4. Castlevania:

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 5
Following the character Count Dracula, who vows revenge against Wallachia after the death of his wife, and Trevor Belmont, the last of a clan of monster hunters, who leads the fight against him. As per most gothic horror stories, Castlevania maintains a good balance between the good and bad. This anime provides a fresher, more compelling take on the traditional Dracula tale as Dracula is portrayed as a sympathetic villain. Castlevania dive deep into Dracula’s motivations and why Dracula has waged war against the human race.

5. Aggretsuko:

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 6
The anime about an anthropomorphic red panda who is 25 and works in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm, completely fed up with her place of work filled with manipulative and selfish co-workers and literally a pig boss and has a non-existent love life is one of the best anime series to watch on Netflix. Retsuko finds relief in her late-night death metal karaoke sessions, where she releases all of her frustration by dubbing hard rock.

6. F is for Family:

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 7
This animated series from Bill Burr is set in the 1970s and it is based on his childhood experiences of growing up in Massachusetts. This dark and honest show will attract anyone’s attention who shares the same perspective as Burr. The series is hilarious and smart and heart touching at times. The details of the 1970s and a Vietnam veteran raising a family in that time in America really makes a fun watch. The dysfunctional family grappling with a changing landscape with nostalgia and dark moments of humour totally worth a watch.

7. Hilda:

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 8
Hilda is not an adult animated series but rather a very sweet one. Based on the comic book series by Luke Pearson, Hilda follows the journey of a brave blue-haired girl along with her companion. The emotional bond and how the little girl conquers even the most dangerous monsters make for a really sweet and delightful anime and one of the best to watch on Netflix.

8. Death Note:

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 9
Death Note follows the story of a smart school student who discovers a notebook capable of killing anyone whose name is written into it. So, he goes on a secret operation to eliminate criminals from the world. The story develops and becomes better and more complex as the episodes go on. From the character development to the game between Light and the police who was sent to stop him, Death Note is a great series if you are into anime and would love to watch something new.

9. Attack on Titan:

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 10
One of the best anime ever, Attack on Titan follows our beloved Eren and his friend on a mission to take revenge by killing the titans. From the soundtrack, the characters, the story, the thrill and the suspense, Attack on Titan packs a punch and will grab your attention from the very first episode. Attack on Titan will keep you invested throughout the series and it is definitely one of the best series to watch on Netflix.

10. Tuca and Bertie:

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 11
In the same universe as BoJack Horseman, this series follows Bertie, a songbird thrush with debilitating anxiety, who love to bake and work in a truly toxic environment. And Tuca, a loud-mouthed toucan, loves to party and hates the thought of settling down. The series is not as dark as BoJack Horseman but does make you think with humour.



10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 12
Disenchantment is an anime series that a lot of people can relate to. The series follows a rebellious princess who chooses adventure over her royal duties. Set in the crumbling medieval kingdom of Dreamland, the journey of this hard-drinking, feisty princess will make you laugh and love the series.

The Dragon Prince

10 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix 13
Rayla and the princes are set on a mission to stop the war between Xadia and the Human Kingdoms. With a good plot and great character developments, The Dragon Prince is one of the best anime on Netflix.

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