10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Prague

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The “city of a thousand spires”, Prague is one of the best cities to visit in Europe, especially if you love history and architecture. The city is dotted with colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, medieval and Renaissance architecture. The Old Town with its narrow lanes and well preserved historical buildings and churches is a must-visit visit place in the city. The Strahov Monastery and Library, Letna Park and the quieter Jelení Príkop are some great places to visit in the city. Famous structures like the Dancing House and Žižkov TV Tower will offer you sweeping views of the city. You can also spend some on a cruise on the Vltava river, hangout in Naplavka and visit the farmers market. If you still got some time left visit the Karlstejn Castle and the pretty town of Cesky Krumlov, a little outside of Prague. Now, apart from all of these places, here are the 10 Beautiful Places you must Visit In Prague.

Beautiful Places To Visit In Prague

1.The Old Town Area:

Dating back to the 10th century and located between Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square is the oldest and most significant square in the historical centre of Prague. Old Town is a great place to start your Prague trip. From the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock to the Tyn Church and the Clementinum, the Old Town Square is home to some of the most iconic places of the Czech Republic.

The Jewish Quarter or Josefov is a must-visit here. Visit the Jewish Museum, and the Old-New Synagogue or Altneuschul is Europe’s oldest active synagogue. It is the oldest surviving medieval synagogue of twin-nave design. Explore the Old Town Hall and the Jewish town. In Josefov, you should also visit the Spanish Synagogue, the statue of Franz Kafka. The serene river of the Vltava, the Tyn Church, Ungelt Courtyard, Church of the Virgin Mary, The Clementinum and the National Library, the Mirror Chapel, the St. Nicholas Church are some of the main attractions of The Old Town Area.

2. Prague Zoo:

The Prague Zoo often ranks among the world’s top zoological parks. The zoo opened in 1931 and it is one of the top attractions of the city. Spread across 140-acres of land, the zoo is a great place to visit especially if you are on a family vacation. The zoo includes 650 species of animals and kids will love the petting zoo. You can easily find an English guided tour. Here you can see the rare Przewalski’s horses and giraffes and other animals. There’s also an indoor tropical jungle that you can explore.

3. Charles Bridge & The National Theatre:

The construction of the St. Charles Bridge started in 1357 under the rule of King Charles IV and it was completed at the beginning of the 15th century. Since then this iconic bridge has witnessed many disasters and historic events. Now it is one of the most well-known bridges in the world. There are more than 30 statues along the bridge. The statues of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and John of Nepomuk are among the most important ones. With the gothic gates and the River Vltava especially at the time of sunset offers a breathtaking scenario.

The National Theatre of Prague is known for being home to the best opera, drama and ballet. The theatre is also known as the alma mater of Czech opera and as the national monument of Czech history and art. You can witness one of the famous puppets shows that people love in Prague. Other notable theatres in Prague include the Estates Theatre, National Marionette Theatre and Theatre Spejbla & Hurvinek. Also, you can explore the Náplavka Farmers Market nearby.

4. The Prague Castle & St. Vitus Cathedral:

The official residence of the Czech Republic’s President, the Prague castle is one of the top attractions in the Czech Republic. It is located in Prague’s Hradcany neighbourhood and it was built in the 9th century. The complex has been home to the kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia. The beautiful architecture of the castle will leave you to mesmerize. Within the complex, you will find the St. George’s Basilica, the Powder Tower, the Old Royal PalaceLobkowicz Palace and the Golden Lane.

The St. Vitus Cathedral is also built within the walls of the Prague Castle complex. The Cathedral of Saints Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbert is a Roman Catholic metropolitan cathedral. The St. Vitus Cathedral is the Czech Republic’s largest and most important Christian church and the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. The architecture of the cathedral includes a mixture of Gothic styles, along with Baroque and Renaissance. The St. Wenceslas Chapel is the gem of the Vitus Cathedral. Also, do explore the beautiful Royal Garden.

5. Mala Strana:


Across the St. Charles Bridge, Mala Strana or Lesser Town district is ruled by Baroque architecture. The Roman Catholic statue of Jesus Christ as an infant known as the Infant Jesus of Prague, the Wallenstein Palace along with the Wallenstein Garden, the historic Lenon Wall and the St. Nicholas Church in the Little Quarter Square are the main attraction of this area. Pubs, shops, restaurants surround the town square with the Prague castle overlooking it. On the side of Malá Strana, you will find Kampa, a beautiful island in the Vltava river. From the Lesser Town, you can go to Vojan Park or Petrin Hill.

6. Vyšehrad Citadel:

Overlooking the city of Prague, the Vyšehrad Citadel sits on a hilltop on the bank of the Vltava River. The fort was built in the 10th century. The fort has many legends surrounding it. The fortified castle has a museum, hidden passages and remains of a medieval basilica. From here you can also visit the Vysehrad National Cultural Monument.

7. Wenceslas Square:

Home to the National Museum and the National Technical Museum, Wenceslas Square was named after Saint Wenceslas, the patron saint of Bohemia. Wenceslas Square is one of the main city squares, a part of the historic centre of Prague and a World Heritage Site. It is the centre of the business and cultural communities in the New Town of Prague and also a great place shopping in the city. The square hosts many celebrations and public gatherings. Wenceslas Square is a witness of many historic events. The National Museum of Prague is spread across a number of locations and is home to items covering mineralogy, zoology, anthropology, arts, music and archaeology.

8. The National Gallery:

Managing the largest collection of art in the Czech Republic, the National Gallery in Prague is among the top attraction in the city. The gallery is home to conceptual 21st-century works to renaissance masterpieces. Some of the most significant works are housed at the Veletrzní Palace. The gallery is home to many international arts along with some of Europe’s most important art collections. The Kinsky Palace, Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia and the Sternberg Palace are the other places where you will find many different kinds of artistic masterpieces.

9. The Petrin Lookout Tower & The Petrin Hill:

A popular recreational area, the Peaceful Petřín is covered with parks. The Petrin hillside parks offer pathways and secluded gardens which will lead you to the summit of Petřín hill. There are around 299 steps you can climb to get to the summit. Among the greenery, the walk to the hill summit presents one of the most beautiful views in Prague. On the hilltop, you will find the Petrin tower looking over the beautiful surroundings. The 19th-century Petřín Tower is 63-meter-tall  and resembles the Eiffel Tower. The view from the top of the tower is simply amazing. Nearby you will also find the Štefánik Observatory, the Strahov Monastery and the Mirror Maze.

10. The Municipal House:

Located at the centre of the city next to the Powder Gate, the Municipal House in Prague displays one of the Art Nouveau structures. The building is home to the Smetana Hall, among Prague’s most significant and largest concert venues which host classical concerts, fashion shows, opera & ballet. The civic building was built in 1912 and it is among the top attractions of Prague.


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