10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World

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10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World

An island can be abandoned for many reasons from inaccessibility, to harsh living conditions to lack of flora and fauna or a very sketchy past. There are some uninhabited islands that you can explore while some are off-limits. These islands make great travel destinations. Deserted islands have always inspired movie makers, writers, travel enthusiasts, and if you are one of them who wants to get away from the crowd, you can choose a beautiful island from the list below. Here are the 10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World.

Beautiful Deserted Islands

10. The Auckland Islands, New Zealand:

10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World 1
The Auckland Islands are an archipelago of New Zealand, Auckland Island being the main island. The archipelago is situated 465 kilometers south of the South Island. And the main island is surrounded by small islands including Adams Island, Enderby Island, Disappointment Island, Ewing Island, and Rose Island. Together with the other New Zealand Subantarctic Islands in the region, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The uninhabited archipelago in the Southern Ocean has mild weather all year round.

9. Mu Ko Ang Thong, Thailand:

10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World 2
The marine national park, Mu Ko Ang Thong is a gorgeous archipelago of about 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Limestone islands covered with tropical forest rising from the sea, make for one picture-perfect location. There are white sand beaches, dramatic rock cliffs, coral gardens and much more. Take a trip to the nearby Ko Samui island. This is one beautiful and deserted archipelago that you should visit.

8. Cocos Island, Costa Rica:

10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World 3
Located about 300 miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Cocos Island is the only point above sea level in Cocos Ridge. This rugged deserted island is of volcanic origin and has two natural harbours, Wafer Bay and Chatham Bay. Covered in forest, you can only visit this island with permission from the Costa Rican Park Rangers the only people residents in the island. Treasure hunting and diving are very popular on this island.

7. Mamanuca Islands, Fiji:

10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World 4
This volcanic archipelago consists of about 20 islands but about seven of those islands are covered by the Pacific Ocean at high tide. This group of islands are a popular tourists destination and is home to white sandy beaches and beautiful island resorts. Several of these islands are deserted and the most famous uninhabited island in the group is tiny Monuriki the main location for the 2000 film Cast Away on Castaway Island.

6. Maldivian Islands, Maldives:

10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World 5

Out of almost 1,200 islands found in the Maldivian archipelago, about a thousand small islands are uninhabited best known for their crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches. The group of 26 coral atolls is quite popular. 88 islands among all of those islands have been developed as tourist resorts and every resort island has its own ‘Desert Island’ and offers its own Desert Island trip.

5. Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles:

10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World 6
Located in Seychelles, Aldabra is the largest island in the area and the world’s second-largest coral atoll. It is situated in the Aldabra Group of islands that are part of the Outer Islands of Seychelles and due to its location and lack of accessibility, this island has remained deserted. The island has become home to around one and a half lakh tortoises. This island was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982.

4. Rock Islands, Palau:

10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World 7

The Rock Islands of Palau are ancient relics of coral reefs that surfaced to form the 250 to 300 islands in Palau’s Southern Lagoon. Located between Koror and Peleliu, now an incorporated part of Koror State, as you pass the different lush Rock islands you will witness some of the most beautiful scenarios. Exploring this UNESCO world heritage site is a great way to spend your vacation. Most parts of the islands are deserted and they are known for their beaches, blue lagoons, the peculiar shapes, and the famous jellyfish lake.

3. Jaco Island, East Timor:

10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World 8
This stunning deserted island is located in East Timor lying within Nino Konis Santana National Park. Due to the beliefs of the locals that the island is sacred land as two different seas namely the Banda and Timor seas meet here, Jaco Island has been left untouched. You can’t officially visit the place but the local fishermen offer rides in boats to the place. You can relax on the beach or go camping.

2. Ellidaey, Iceland:

10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World 9
You have probably seen many images of this deserted island which is the most northeastern of the Vestmannaeyjar. The Vestmannaeyjar archipelago consists of 15 to 18 islands located south of Iceland. The island belongs to the Elliðaey Hunting Association and it is best known for its distinctive rocky cliffs and green plateaus. The island is home to the puffin, the most iconic bird of Iceland and many other species of birds.

1. Cominotto, Malta:

10 Beautiful Deserted Islands around the World 10
Set amid a picturesque bay, this deserted island measuring only 0.25 sq km in area, is located in the Maltese archipelago. It is the second-largest uninhabited island of Malta and offers a white sand beach, diving & snorkelling. The famous Blue Lagoon is a popular tourist spot which is located between Cominotto and Comino.

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