10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia

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10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia

Located on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. Its 3900-mile-long coastline is dotted with over 1200 islands and islets. Croatia is a is geographically diverse country and home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beautiful national parks, picturesque towns, beaches, historical landmarks and much more. The country has something to offer for everyone making it hard to decide which place to explore first. Here are our suggestions for 10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia.

Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia

10. Bisevo & Makarska:

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia 1
Situated in the middle of the Dalmatian archipelago, Biševo is an island composed of limestone and most popular for the Blue Cave. Located near Mezuporat cove, the Blue Cave is an ancient 24-meters long cave that attracts many tourists from around the world. The site becomes magical when the sunlight hits its limestone and the water lights up into electric blue. Makarska city is more of a quite choice. The port town is located halfway between Dubrovnik and Split. Mt. Biokovo, Nature Park Biokovo, its lively beaches, and colorful harbor are its main attractions.

9. Zagreb & Rijeka:

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia 2
Croatia’s vibrant capital, Zagreb is home to many historic and modern attractions. Situated in northwestern Croatia, the cities Austro-Hungarian architecture and attractions like The Museum of Broken Relationships and the Cathedral of Zagreb attract travelers from around the globe. It is the heart of Croatian culture, academics and government and a must visit for travelers. Rijeka is a port city known as a gateway to Croatia’s islands. The colorful city is home to Croatia’s National Theatre and attractions like the Trsat Castle, Korzo, Rječina, a number of museums and beaches. You can take a bus from Zagreb airport to Rijeka. You can also visit Rab Island from Rijeka.

8. Hvar:

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia 3
Located off the Dalmatian Coast, Hvar island can be easily reached and is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. From spectacular beaches, lavender fields and lush vineyards to 13th-century walls, marble stone streets, gothic palaces, stunning churches, and an imposing old fortress, Hvar has numerous attractions for its visitors. You can visit the Paklinski Islands and Šćedro from here. Brac is another beautiful island which is less crowded but equally beautiful. Take a ferry from Hvar or Split and explore its beautiful villages and towns. Bol is the most famous town in Brac and the picture perfect beach Zlatni Rat is a must visit with its other attractions.

7. Pula, Istria:

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia 4
The largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, Istria lies close to the Italian border and the Italian influence can be clearly seen. This region is quite famous among foodies, offering something for everyone. Explore its beaches like the Kamenjak, cathedral, historical landmarks, and towns. The Brijuni National Park is a popular attraction in Istria. Pula is a seafront city in Istria and it is known for its protected harbor, beach-lined coast, and Roman ruins. The city has been occupied, destroyed and rebuilt numerous times and the history and mixed culture make it a must visit in Croatia.

6. Rovinj:

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia 5
On the Istrian peninsula in the Adriatic Sea lies Rovinj, an archipelago of 14 islands. It is a fishing port with old town standing on a headland and with houses tightly crowded down to the seafront and hilltop church, and pebble beaches, Rovinj makes an exciting getaway. Historic places like seven medieval city gates, the 12th-century town clock and St. Euphemia’s Basilica can be found in the old town. The scenic harbor, Carrera Street, Lim, Grisia street and Park forest Zlatni Rt are some of its other attractions.

5. Zadar:

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia 6
Rich in history and situated on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, Zadar is an old city with a number of places to visit including Roman ruins, medieval architecture, and numerous old churches and the beautiful beaches. West of Zadar lies the island, Dugi Otok one of the most beautiful and less crowded places to visit in Croatia. Dugi Otok is home to some picture perfect places like Telascica, Rava and the Kornati islands and the popular National Park Kornati.

4. Korcula:

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia 7
The Pelješac peninsula is a beautiful destination itself and located on the Peljesac Channel, Korcula is one of the prettiest walled towns in all of Croatia, famous for being the birthplace of Marco Polo. Buildings built in Venitian style, lush green forests, vineyards, olive groves, sandy beaches, and charming villages, colorful and charming Korcula is a must visit in Croatia.

3. Plitvice National Park & Krka National Park:

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia 8

The Plitvice National Park & Krka National Park are two of the most beautiful and famous places in Croatia. Located in central Croatia, Plitvice National Park is best known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, connected by waterfalls, extending into a limestone canyon. The 295-sq.-km forest reserve offers hiking trails, boat rides, and other activities.
In southern Croatia along with the Krka river, the Krka National Park is known for a series of 7 waterfalls. The trails passing by the cascade, Roški Slap, and the Krka Monastery, above ancient Roman catacombs, is a sight to behold.

2. Split & Vis:

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia 9
Split is a beautiful city on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. There are beaches, a fortress-like complex, white stone walls, cathedral and numerous shops, bars, cafes, hotels, and houses. Diocletian’s Palace in Split is the location where Game of Thrones was filmed. You will love Split if you like to explore historical places. From Split, you can reach to Vis is hours by ferry. Vis has more of a laid back vibe away from the crowd. The Stiniva Beach and Green Cave are must-visit places in Vis. Rafting in the Cetina River is a popular activity in Split. South of Split is Šolta, another beautiful place you can visit.

1. Dubrovnik & Mljet:

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia 10
The gorgeous walled city dating back to the medieval times, Dubrovnik is located on the banks of the Adriatic Sea on the Dalmatian Coast. St. Blaise Church, Sponza Palace, Rector’s Palace, the pedestrianized Stradun are some of its famous attractions. Explore the city and see the sunset giving it the orange hue. Mljet is not far from Dubrovnik. Mljet have more of a relaxed vibe with protected areas of the national park and the Benedictine monastery of St.Mary. You can also visit other beautiful places from Dubrovnik including Lokrum Island, Lopud, and Lastovo.



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