10 Amazing Facts About Liechtenstein

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10 Amazing Facts About Liechtenstein

The sixth smallest nation in the world, Liechtenstein is an alpine mountainous country located in the Upper Rhine valley of the European Alps. The immensely beautiful country shares ita borders Austria with to the east by and Switzerland to the south and west. Apart from Uzbekistan, Liechtenstein is the only other doubly landlocked countries in the world. Although little, Liechtenstein is one of the most developed countries. The country has a 100% literacy rate hosting one of the best education in the world. The country has one of the highest GDP per person (PPP) in the world. The country only has a population of 37,877 and it is among the few countries that have more registered companies than citizens.
Here are 10 Amazing Facts About the little country Liechtenstein which you should know:

1. It’s Great Place To Live:

Liechtenstein might be little but as we’ve mentioned it is one of the richest countries in the world. Not only that, but Liechtensteiners also enjoy a great life expectancy, an average of 82.0 years to be specific. The infant mortality rate is also better than in many countries, 4.2 deaths per 1,000 live births. There are 11 separate municipalities with the capital city being Vaduz. But the largest city in the country is Schaan. With such a tiny population, if Liechtensteiner wants to form their own country. They would need only nine people to agree that Liechtenstein is terrible. But why would you want to leave one of the happiest countries in the world where the unemployment rate in only 1.5 per cent, among the lowest in the world. The country has over 70 thousand companies for only 38 thousand residents.

2. But Getting A Citizenship Can Be Hard:

If you are thinking about settling in this fairytale country, it takes a whopping 30 years of residence to be naturalised as a citizen in Liechtenstein. But there is also a shortcut, you will be required to hold a job with a visa for three years and then submit to a public vote. The local community must vote in favour of granting you citizenship in a local referendum. Then if you pass, you will get a green light from the Parliament, and finally, gain the Prince’s consent.

3. The Crime Rate Is Very Low:

Liechtenstein is one of the safest countries on earth. The last murder occurred in the country in approximately 1997 and haven’t any reports of rape or any other major crime. Around 10 people are in jail in the whole country. Its national prison capacity is of only 20 people and any prisoner is sentenced more than two years’ imprisonment, they will be sent to Austrian or Swiss prisons. Liechtenstein doesn’t have the capacity to host them. The country is so secure that most of the residents don’t even lock their door.

4. Similarity Between National Anthem:

Liechtenstein’s national anthem, “Oben am jungen Rhein” has the same tune as “God Save the Queen,” which is UK’s national anthem. Not only this, but Liechtenstein even had identical national flags with Haiti. Both the countries independently and unknowingly developed identical national flags which ended up being identical. It was realized at the opening ceremony of the 1936 Olympic games. Liechtenstein then added the crown to their flag in 1937.

5. No Military:

Liechtenstein had its last military engagement in 1886 during the Austro-Prussian war. During that war 80 Liechtenstein soldiers were sent and not only none of them got injured they even brought a new Italian friend, expanding the army to 81. Liechtenstein’s army was disbanded on February 12, 1868. The country is so peaceful that they didn’t even realize that in 2007, Swiss troops accidentally invaded Liechtenstein after getting lost in a rainstorm. 170 Swiss infantry soldiers walked beyond more than a mile of the unmarked border into Liechtenstein. Switzerland had to inform Liechtenstein about the incident, although Liechtenstein chose not to retaliate. Liechtenstein also doesn’t have any airports, the closest one is the Zurich airport. The country has only one lake and a one main ski resort in Malbun.

6. Party In The Castle:

Liechtenstein became fully independent in 1866. On Liechtenstein’s national holiday August 15, all the residents of the tiny country are invited to enjoy a feast at the castle. Franz Josef II, the previous reigning prince had his birthday on August 16, the National Day on August 15 was arranged to celebrate both the of the occasion. His Serene Highness Prince Hans-Adam II, the head of state, and his son, His Serene Highness Hereditary Prince Alois will have drinks and foods with all the other residents.

7. A few Years Ago Anyone Could’ve Rent The Country:

By anyone, we mean anyone with $70,000. In 2011, one could rent the country. The offer was hatched between lodging site Airbnb and Liechtenstein-based marketing firm Rent a Village by Xnet. You will get accommodation for 150 guests, customized street signs, a symbolic key to the state, a wine tasting with Prince Hans-Adam II, and your own temporary currency for $70,000 per night. And Snoop Dogg even tried to rent the country in 2010 for a music video. But he was denied as he didn’t give them enough notice and time for preparations.

8. Capital Of False Teeth:

Liechtenstein is not only a large producer of ceramics but it is also the largest producer of false teeth in the world. More than Sixty million artificial teeth are manufactured each year by a company based in Schaan named, Ivoclar Vivadent. This company sells about 40 per cent of all false teeth in Europe and about 20 per cent in the world. There are various shapes and shades of false teeth are available.

9. So Many Olympic Medals:

Liechtenstein has the most overall Olympic medals per capita of any country with an average of one medal per 3647 citizens. All of their 10 Olympic medals have been won in the same sport which is alpine skiing. In fact, 7 of those were won by members of the same family. But Liechtenstein is also the only country that never won a medal in the Summer Olympics. Also, the women of Liechtenstein were granted the right to vote in national elections in only 1984.

10. A New Level Of Peace:

If you are a new immigrant in Liechtenstein, you will be handed a pamphlet with some notes. During the lunchtime in the county which starts from noon to 1:30 p.m, you are not allowed to mown lawns or hold noisy celebrations or engage in any other noisy behaviour. It is the legal relaxation time in the country. The same rule will be followed after 10 p.m.


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